How Iran helped Venezuela become the 1st Latin American country with armed drones

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Venezuela is the first country in Latin America to reveal that it has armed drones

On the night of February 8 of this year, the dissidents of the Colombian FARC guerrillas lived through hell, according to reports from the Colombian military.

At 3 am, dissident guerrillas who were in the Venezuelan state of Apure, near the border with Colombia, were bombed from the air by the Venezuelan Armed Forces.

As published a few days later by the newspaper El Colombiano, citing intelligence sources from the Armed Forces of Colombia, the attack was carried out with armed drones.

“This would be a novelty because, if confirmed, it would make Venezuela the second country in the hemisphere, after the United States, to use real weaponry from drones”, says Andrei Serbin Pont, director of the Regional Coordination of Economic and Social Research (CRIES ), a network of research centers in Latin America and the Caribbean.

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