How to DISCOVER SPY cameras in accommodation and protect your PRIVACY

AirBnb is the perfect tool for finding vacation rentals for family vacations or short business breaks. However, controversies over the installation of the hidden camera continue and the platform refuses to refund guests. There is a gray area around the existence of cameras installed by AirBnb hosts.

Yes, the website allows the installation of cameras in the accommodations advertised on the platform. What this service prohibits are “hidden cameras” and other hidden recording devices and areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms. However, the owner of the facility declares the use of these devices in the rules. Learn how to locate the cameras.

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Are AirBnb cameras authorized?

This is where the dilemma lies. First of all, the notice given by the property owner is not very specific. Talking about proprietary surveillance or recording devices, it doesn’t say much about what kind of devices they are or where they are located. AirBnb says its policies strictly prohibit hidden cameras and regularly ban hosts who break the rules, even if there is controversy.

First of all however, customer service was unable to resolve these incidents before they reached the press according to reports from whoever found the cameras. If you don’t want to run the risk of being searched or are suspicious of any situation in rented accommodation, whether through AirBnb or not, read the tips we’ve compiled and see which ones you can apply to check if you’re really alone.

How to find hidden camera

Take a few minutes to manipulate the electronic devices in the environments. It is common to install this type of hidden camera in the alarm clock. Smoke detectors are another type of device that is easy to camouflage. It is also possible to have cameras hidden inside small objects like pens, motion detectors (for ambient lighting), Bluetooth speakers and even landline phones.

So, if you notice anything unusual about an electronic device, check to see if you can still remove the battery. You may see that your device has a different charger, a hole for a camera, a different type of battery, or an unusual flashing light. You can also look up the make and model of the device to see if it’s working as it should or if there’s something else installed inside the body of the device.

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More tips for finding hidden cameras

There are also tiny one-inch or smaller cameras that people can hide in decor like lamps, picture frames, houseplants, and blinds. Handle these items and look for holes where someone might have placed one. Clean them and see if there’s anything behind them.

Your device may be hidden, but cables, chargers, and drives take up space. Examine areas such as shelves, cabinets and cupboards, open all cabinet doors and drawers especially if they can hide a device capable of recording an area such as a bedroom or bathroom.

Turn off all lights and shine a flashlight at the suspected location to find the camera lens. In the meantime the lenses should reflect light, which will make them even easier to identify. After being in the dark for a few minutes, in effect you can see little lights on your modem, camera, charger or anything else that are lit and blinking on completion.

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