“I never thought I would have problems with the Armed Forces and I don’t believe I do.”

“I never thought I would have problems with the Armed Forces and I don’t believe I do. I don’t let myself be based on gossip and Twitter”,

from LULA // about his relations with the military.

The absence of bathrooms also affects Brazilian schools. According to the 2020 School Census, the number of public schools without bathrooms is 4.3 thousand – indicator that increased in relation to the previous yearwhich was 3.2 thousand.

More: the National Household Sample Survey shows that school delay is one of the consequences of the absence of basic services. And that the lack of a bathroom in the house also increased the school delay of young people by 1.5%.

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besides the artist

She began her career at age 9, but only gained stardom at 17 when she played Gabriella Montez in the feature films High School Musical. Today at age 33 Vanessa Hudgens has already proven her talent as an actress, singer and presenter. And for some time now it has been investing in its business side. In 2021 (in the midst of a pandemic) she delved into entrepreneurship and launched Cali Water (water extracted from cacti that is 100% organic and considered extremely healthy) in partnership with fellow actor Oliver Trevena. She also entered the cosmetics line creating the KNOW brand in partnership with the Medical Director, Dr. Avnee Shah, with products aimed at the skin. Still following her entrepreneurial side, Vanessa Hudgens in May became co-founder of the brand of alcoholic drinks Thomas Ashbourne, in partnership with Sarah Jessica Parker, Ashley Benson, Rosario Dawson, John Cena and Playboi Carti, where each of the celebrities signs a drink from the line – which includes whiskey, margarita, cosmo and vodka. Hudgens along with Benson and Dawson signs the Margalicous Margarita drink. And yet the actress is signing Fabletics sportswear collections, which has actress Kate Hudson among its partners.

barred at prom

During the government of Dilma Rousseff, changes were made in the Ministry of Transport, commanded at the time by the PL of Valdemar Costa Neto, due to successive episodes of corruption in the Ministry. There, she asked Bernardo Figueiredo of the National Land Transport Agency to suggest names for the directorates of the National Department of Infrastructure and Transport. Months earlier, Figueiredo had received a report describing the organ’s problems. The author who impressed Figueiredo was Tarcísio de Freitas, who went on to head an executive board at Dnit. Tarcísio de Freitas’ entry into Dnit cost Valdemar Costa Neto the challenger and the man from the PL never forgot the episode. In March of this year, Tarcísio joined the Republicans because Valdemar barred his affiliation with the PL. The acronym was Bolsonaro’s first option to house his political godson. Stronger than the Republicans, the PL elected 99 federal deputies this year, Tarcísio also did not forget the closed door, that is, the PL will not participate in his secretariat in São Paulo.

no prizes

On Monday (21) it was the turn of the red carpet to be extended for the ceremony of the 50th International Emmy Awards, at the New York Hilton Midtown. Brazil competed in three categories, all from Grupo Globo, unfortunately it didn’t win any. In the telenovela category Nos Tempos do Imperador lost to Yeonmo (Acções Do Rei) from South Korea, in the documentary the winner was Enfants De Daech, Les Damnés De La Guerre, from France and Brazil was represented by Caso Evandro. In the actress category, for many the biggest injustice of the award, Leticia Colin (left), who was in the running for his performance in Where Is My Heart lost to Lou De Laâge who performed in Le Bal Des Folles. Taís Araújo (right) was also present at the awards show to present the Non-English Language Programs category for American Prime Time, which honored Seeking Frida.

Sun bathing

Over the weekend, social networks multiplied the dolce far niente of Minister Alexandre de Moraes, president of the TSE and member of the STF: he was “Xandão”, as he is called by Bolsonaristas, sunbathing (with a cap protecting his head) at the Copacabana Palace pool in Rio de Janeiro. And this after days in New York, where he was one of the stars of the Lide event and won a festival of curses in the streets of Manhattan.

will not give

With a certain constancy, President Lula still finds time to talk by phone with the former Minister of the Civil House of his first term, the controversial José Dirceu, who helped him, from a distance, in the campaign and is far from the transition team. Lula has said to those closest to him that “it is impossible” for his former partner to be part of his third government. Bolsonaristas, by the way, spread the word that Dirceu has a seat waiting for him in Planalto.

problems in defense

Generals like Augusto Heleno, Braga Netto, Paulo Sérgio de Oliveira or even Luiz Eduardo Ramos are not willing to talk to representatives of the transitional government group or even with the future Minister of Defense already chosen. With military commanders, it’s the same thing. Lula, on his side, also has no names to dialogue with the military summit that makes threats between the lines. Nelson Jobim would be the right name, but he doesn’t want to leave his activities at the bank. Now, the name of Aldo Rebelo (PDT) is starting to gain strength, defeated candidate for the Senate, former Minister of Sports, Institutional Relations and Defense in PT governments. He has transit at the barracks, has no military restrictions and, for now, is the man of the day.


Many people on the transition team did not know Geraldo Alckmin’s habit of writing down everything in a school notebook, from names recruited (or to be recruited) to proposals from economists for the country. That’s what happened in a conversation with Felipe Salto, São Paulo’s Finance Secretary and quoted for the Treasury Secretariat. Lula, who doesn’t have a cell phone and isn’t even close to the digital world, always asks to advisors who record the content of their conversations on the computer – and then deliver it to you, when you ask, in a paper.

Two floors

The room (two floors and reception) that will welcome Jair Bolsonaro and his direct advisors at the headquarters of the PL, in Brasília, is almost ready. For Valdemar Costa Neto, owner of the party, it will cost less than renting a set in a building in the center of the capital. Retired, with nowhere to go, General Braga Neto, former candidate for vice president on Bolsonaro’s ticket, will also have his space there. An area for Michelle Bolsonaro has not yet been defined. The still president wants to maintain the mobilization of the right-wing electorate with an eye on the 2024 elections.


In the campaign, Lula stated that it was necessary to recreate the Ministry of Cities (defunct by Jair Bolsonaro) to deal with the country’s “urban problems”. The elected federal deputy Guilherme Boulos (PSOL-SP) and the former governor of São Paulo, Márcio França, are quoted to assume the future Ministry of Cities. The duo is already involved, early on, in the fight for the São Paulo City Hall in 2024. Boulos is looking for a showcase and França was one of those who took Geraldo Alckmin to be Lula’s deputy.

Also wants

The future first lady of the country Rosângela Lula da Silva, Janja, also wants to have a room on the Planalto, like other female presidents – and close to Lula, as happened in the time of Marisa Letícia. Michelle Bolsonaro has a room on the third floor of Planalto, where the presidential office is located, and Marcela, Michel Temer’s wife also had hers, but she never occupied it.


Billionaire Elon Musk, the new owner of Twitter, announced that the company’s employees will have to work up to 80 hours a week to readjust the company to their profile. And he said there will be no more free lunches or other benefits for employees. Anyone who does not accept will be fired. 80 hours a week means 12 hours of work seven days a week. In Brazil, Musk would do badly.


THE STILL Economy Minister Paulo Guedes, whom Gleisi Hoffmann has already “sent home” at one of his last events in Minas Gerais with businessmen, decided to criticize economist Pérsio Arida (listed for Finance in the new government), one of the authors of the Plano Real. And he joked: “He freezes prices, freezes financial assets and then hits one, because he shoots ten and hits one – which was the Real Plan”.

THE MINISTRY da Cultura, decimated by the Bolsonaro government, has a list of names quoted to be occupied in the new PT government. The strongest of them is that of Daniela Mercury (it would be a kind of reissue of Gilberto Gil’s diplomatic effect in the portfolio), but also Alê Youssef, former minister Juca Ferreira (it is the least likely because Lula does not want a reheated government ) and federal deputy Jandira Feghali (PCdoB).

VALDEMAR Costa Neto, president of the PL, has referred to Senator Wellington Fagundes (PL-MT) as a “fifth column down”. A strong name on the ruralist caucus, Fagundes has been sliding in Lula’s direction, even mediating the dialogue between advisers to the future government and agribusiness entrepreneurs.

THE UNION, made up of employees of the Federal Revenue Service, has maintained dialogue with parliamentarians and Lula’s assistants, seeking support for the salary readjustment of the category. Another claim is the increase in the Revenue budget. This year, resources available from the Treasury reached the lowest value in a decade. One of the consequences is that customs posts at the borders are in a precarious situation. And more: since the last competition in 2014, no less than 3,200 auditors and 1,461 analysts have left their positions.

THE PRESIDENT Lula has already announced that it is his intention (which was also more than confirmed by Flávio Dino, the future Minister of Justice) to revoke decrees that facilitate access to weapons in the country. The main arms lobby in the country, Pro-Armas, guarantees that it will resist. On social networks, the most ironic estimate that defenders of guns will be able to protest, in the style of Bolsonaristas who want to overthrow the STF, through the streets also in green and yellow – only with their weapons in hand.

THE GENERAL from the reserve Luiz Eduardo Ramos is, like Diógenes, with a flashlight in his hand, looking for a job in future offices of elected Bolsonarist senators. And he is also looking for a job for his son-in-law and for the current Minister of Infrastructure, Marcelo Sampaio, who could go to Tarcísio de Freitas’ secretariat in São Paulo.

RICARDO Nunes (MDB), who became mayor of São Paulo with the death of Bruno Covas, is already campaigning for his re-election in 2024, where he will have rivals from PT and Bolsonarism. The allies say that the hallmark of their government will be the zero tariff project for buses, which should be implemented next year. One of the ideas is that it would be funded by a municipal tax and the prefectural subsidy.

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