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The next generation of iPhone should bring technology from Sony in the photographic set. The advance would be responsible for a significant leap in the capabilities of the iPhone 15, especially in night photos. The information comes from the newspaper Nikkei Asia, which mentions the fact that these new sensors “practically double the saturation signal level at each pixel,” which would result in more balanced recordings in backlit situations. The expectation is that the Cupertino giant will be one of the first to offer the novelty.

The new component would be produced in Nagasaki, Japan. The iPhone 15 is scheduled for release in September 2023, as per Apple’s tradition. In addition to the news in the photography part, this is also expected to be the brand’s first smartphone equipped with a USB-C port.

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iPhone 15 should do better at night shots with Sony lens — Photo: Laura Storino/TechTudo

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Why is the Sony sensor in the iPhone 15 better?

In practice, the iPhone 15 should be able to photograph a person’s face in more detail, even if he is standing against strong backlight. That’s because the Japanese camera offers greater dynamic range compared to current systems that equip the iPhone. According to Nikkei Asiathis property of the Sony sensor ensures the reduction of overexposure and underexposure in less favorable lighting situations.

Sony’s sensor is better because it uses a new semiconductor architecture “that places photodiodes and transistors on separate substrate layers.” Translating, this component is responsible for converting light into electrical current. This means that this differentiated construction allows the presence of more photodiodes, since now it is in a special layer of considerably larger size. With this, the sensor can work more efficiently with light capture.

Other news expected for the iPhone 15

Regarding cameras, the iPhone 15 Pro is expected to bring the company’s first periscope lens. This piece should support a greater optical zoom, thanks to a 90-degree mirror system. Another awaited change is in the design, since rumors indicate that the cell phone will come to market with a general structure in titanium, glass back and a more rounded shape, similar to the iPhone 5C, replacing the current design, which is straighter in the iPhone 14.

With information from 9to5Mac and Nikkei Asia

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