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The application Lensa, which is a photo editor, has gained fame on the internet network to the point of becoming the most downloaded application in recent days. The motivation for such an uproar is that it has a very interesting and unique function: creation of avatars through real photos through AI (artificial intelligence)🇧🇷

Want to know more about this fever? Do not worry! We prepared this article with all the details you need to know. Check it out below:

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Lensa: the app of the moment

Here you’ll find everything you need to know about Lensa, which is the favorite app of the moment:

The application, which is available on the Apple Store and Google Play, is so popular on the networks that several celebrities such as Claudia Leitte, Luan Santana and Ivete Sangalo have joined the trend of making an avatar.

Photo: @murilloq and @vanessafs_fs1993

Considering its success, Lensa is a paid app, but don’t worry, you can try it for free for 1 week to edit photos. However, for those who want to create their avatar, it is necessary to disburse the amount of R$10.90 which releases the function of creating up to 50 avatars.

Learn how to create your avatar:

To create an avatar in Lensa, you need to click on the “Magic Avatars” tool and, with that, choose between 10 and 20 photos that are available in your smartphone’s gallery. Here are some tips for choosing photos:

  • Choose photos with varied expressions and angles
  • Prioritize images that have good resolution
  • Do not use photos that show nudity
  • Choose photos with varied backgrounds
  • Children cannot participate, adults only.

Then, after sending the chosen photos, you will be directed to the payment page and, after making the purchase, the application takes around 20 minutes to produce the 50 avatars.

Photo: @vanessafs_fs1993 and @murilloq

The coolest thing is that each avatar has a different theme, which allows the user to use their imagination and “play” with the multiverse, after all, avatars appear in adventure, mystic, Sci-fi styles and among many others, or that is, countless possibilities to finally become who you always wanted to be!

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