Lily Collins advances details of the third season of the series

Lily Collins is dropping some small spoilers of what we can expect from the new season of “Emily in Paris”. During the Ralph Lauren fashion show, this Thursday, the 13th, the actress spoke to the ET portal.

Lily Collins talks about the new season of “Emily in Paris”

Lily Collins talks about the new season of “Emily in Paris”

Photo: Disclosure / Netflix / allteen

“More love triangles, more drama, more laughs, more fashion, more locations, more France,” said the actress. By the way, she also said that we will have “many cliffhangers”, that is, that taste of wanting more at the end of the episodes.

In addition, it is worth remembering that in the new season of “Emily in Paris”, which arrives on December 21, Lily Collins will also be a producer. “I’ve learned a lot and I’m super grateful to the team for inspiring me to keep expressing myself and having my ideas, and it’s been a dream job”he finally thought.

Web reacts to the teaser for the third season of “Emily in Paris”

During TUDUM, this weekend, Netflix announced the premiere date of the new season of “Emily in Paris”: December 21st. In addition, the platform shared an unprecedented teaser of the new episodes, which yielded several memes on social networks.

“I’m just like Emily”, replied one fan, referring to the scene where Lily Collins’ character cuts her own bangs. “December ma’am? Is this a Christmas present?” joked another about the premiere date.

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