Luciana Moherdaui | Musk’s actions undermine Twitter’s credibility

The challenge has always been to reduce fake news, but charges have increased under the billionaire’s command, writes Luciana Moherdaui

I bet on this space on Power360, last week, that Elon Musk uses Twitter to compete with traditional media. Since the businessman took charge of one of the most influential big techsI started to follow alerts on your feedin particular those dealing with real-time coverage.

The article started from a post in which I found that the billionaire realized the potential for hard news🇧🇷 “Instead of news outlets, Twitter. Instead of news portals and websites, Twitter”🇧🇷 I wrote on November 20th. The message reached more than 30,000 impressions (number of times a tweet is displayed).

Pedro Doria, in The globe and The State of São Paulomentioned the perception of Musk as a platform focused on big news in real time and reinforced the need for credibility:

“The root cause of disinformation is an algorithm that seeks to ensure that users never leave the network. The type of content that generates greater engagement is the one that incites rivalries, stirs strong emotions, stirs up prejudices […] And, if the objective is to report, credibility becomes an important thing”he wrote.

“Twitter needs to become the most accurate form of information about the world. This is our mission”said Musk, according O The Wall Street Journal🇧🇷 The kickoff was the World Cup, with a invite users to follow it on the network.

The CEO believes that the @CommunityNotes will have a significant impact on fake news when it becomes available around the world. Through crowdsourcing (collective production) to add context to the posts, today the feature is only released in the United States.

The repercussion of WSJ got more engagement than my Twitter remarks. For a very simple reason: the reliability of the platform is in check before Musk buys it. Distrust, however, has increased due to recent demonstrations.

“Looking at the trends here (Trending Topics), it is failing spectacularly”🇧🇷 criticized @mojorabbit. “The @elonmusk worldview we will see is not reality and facts”🇧🇷 opined Feona Swan – the profiles cited in this article were checked by Botometer, robot checker.

Barry Cooper tweeter shared report from The Guardian according to which the big tech deleted recently uploaded videos of the 2019 Christchurch, New Zealand bombing after notice from the New Zealand government. A spokesman for Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said the company did not detect the content as harmful.

Although it has chanced the nuisance of the programmer Shibetoshi Nakamoto, who attacked those who confuse freedom of expression with aggressionMusk knows he has a very difficult problem to solve and it seems incoherent to resolve it with ambivalent posts and unnecessary teasingespecially for being the number 2 influencer on its platform, behind former President Barack Obama.

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