Luck or miracle? Woman diagnosed with cancer and cured on the same day

Have you ever thought about going to a hospital, finding out you have cancer and being cured on the same day? That’s what happened to April Boudreau, 61, a resident of Texas, USA. The whole situation happened in January of this year. Keep reading the article and learn more about this unusual case, but with a happy ending.

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Diagnosed with cancer and cured on the same day

April had already treated three tumors throughout her life, one lymphoma in 1984, another in 1985 and a breast cancer in 2002. She started feeling short of breath for some time and believed it was just due to age.

However, during a CT scan, she discovered that she had a nodule in her right lung. Given the American’s history, doctors believed it was a new cancer.

To further investigate what that mass was, doctors prepped April Boudreau for a bronchoscopy, an imaging test that allows professionals to look in detail at the large airways inside the lungs. They took advantage of the fact that the patient was anesthetized and removed the cancer cells.

Initially, they would only remove a part for a biopsy, but they chose to remove the entire nodule. For this, they performed a minimally invasive robotic surgery, combined with bronchoscopy equipment.

April woke up from anesthesia with only five small incisions and the news that she was cured of her cancer. A relief for her, that she would no longer have to undergo extensive and terrible chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

the return home

The woman was discharged the next day. The recommended treatment was to take antibiotics for three days and continue the biannual follow-up to investigate the possible growth of new cancer cells.

Want to know the good news? So far, there is no sign of a new cancer.

She encourages people to pay attention to their bodies and see a doctor at the slightest sign of change.

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