Nubank offers R$200 and R$50 for customers to use THESE functions; see which ones

O Nubank entered the market with the purpose of simplifying the financial routine of each client with transparency and security, providing several advantageous services.

Also, with the aim of providing new experiences to customers, fintech recently started offering BRL 200 for using the card in contactless (by approximation) and also at least BRL 50 of credit for those who have just become a customer.

“We deconstruct complexity, bureaucracy and that old way of dealing with money. We dare to be different for you to be the protagonist of your own life”, says fintech.

First, the bank offers a limit for payments without a password, in the amount of up to BRL 200🇧🇷 The card limit can be readjusted by the customer through the bank’s own application.

As mentioned, Nubank also releases the initial amount of BRL 50 credit through your app. In case you didn’t know, the bank has a credit card, which in addition to having several benefits, has no annual fee.

Nubank makes R$200 available for payments

The release of the new approximation payment feature in the amount of up to R$200 occurs automatically, right after the first purchase with the card, when it is inserted into the machine. After release, the customer will be able to use the function whenever they want.

According to Nubank, purchases made through approximation are encrypted in order to guarantee the security of the transaction, since the use of a password becomes mandatory for payments in excess of R$ 200.

Customers who do not want to use the new functionality when making purchases with contactlessapproximation, it will be necessary to follow the three steps:

  1. Access the Nubank application and click on the arrow below your name;
  2. Choose the option “Configure card”;
  3. Disable “Proximity Purchases”

Card with initial value of R$ 50

Nubank recently confirmed the release of the initial amount of BRL 50 credit through your app. Namely, the bank has a credit card, which in addition to having several benefits, has no annual fee.

However, it is important to remember that its approval will undergo an analysis based on several criteria and, in many cases, when released, the limit does not please customers.

Currently, when the company releases your credit card to those who do not have a high income, the initial limit is usually in the amount of BRL 50🇧🇷

Furthermore, it should be noted that customers with lower credit scores are often denied credit limits. Frequently, indebted customers, with late payments or low credit scores, do not have access to so many financial benefits.

However, in order to help its customers, the digital bank offers a limit of R$50, as a way of analyzing the client’s conditions, and thus, in the future, granting an increase in the credit limit.

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