One more Group takes a stand in favor of the SAF; check the note

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With less than three days left for a possible historic change in the reality of Esporte Clube Bahia, some groups that are part of the tricolor policy issue their public notes on the subject Sociedade Anônima do Futebol.

Simply Bahia, which has 11 seats on the Deliberative Council, guaranteed to have a favorable position for the approval of the City Group’s proposal, which also claims to be proud of having had an effective participation through its performance in the club’s democratic process.

In an official note, the group claims that the position is due to a “rumor” that there would be political groups with a position contrary to the SAF.

Check the entire text:

“We are not in the habit of issuing public notices, as we understand that each Counselor is able to suggest, complain and communicate freely with all the club’s democratic actors. Today, however, in the face of a rumor about groups that would be articulating against the approval of the SAF next Saturday, we felt it necessary to register our position, and how hard we worked for all of this.

Simply Bahia is a group of friends, fans and members of Esporte Clube Bahia, whose sole purpose is to help and support the club (and nothing else, as the name implies). In almost ten years of existence, our participation in the democratic process (in elections, in the Councils and in the Board of Directors), has always had the objective of providing relevant and decisive contributions to Bahia, and thus we participate in managements marked by transparency, responsibility and for compliance. No wonder, it was precisely these pillars of governance that qualified Bahia to negotiate an investment contract with the largest football group in the world, and we are proud of that.

We were born to win, and we deserve to win. But the relationship between financial capacity and sports performance is undeniable. Therefore, all members of Simply Bahia contributed, each in their own way, to the maturation of the idea of ​​an SAF in Bahia, to survey the risks of this operation, to build security mechanisms and to identify the two main pillars of a transformative proposal: the immediate payment of our historical debt and the definition of a minimum level of investment in football that would considerably raise the sporting level of the club. We are very proud to be part of the elaboration of this proposal from the beginning, even when we didn’t even know which investors would be interested in it, and to see that our contributions, once again, were relevant and decisive for the club.

We understand that this is a unique opportunity in the history of Esporte Clube Bahia, and that absolutely all the necessary guarantees and precautions were taken by the Board of Directors, in a business and legal construction work without precedent in Brazilian football, and worthy of wide recognition. Through the implementation of the SAF, under the terms signed with the City Football Group, our tradition, our history, our mystique, our immense fans and our will to win will find sufficient structure, technology and investment capacity so that we can achieve the results and titles we we always crave.

For all that, we ask the partners to be by our side in the two assemblies this Saturday, morning and afternoon, voting in favor of a unique initiative in Brazil, the project of an SAF that, not by chance, will also be born to win

Simply Bahia”.

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