“Politely, but he replied live”; Sheik is not silent after Vítor Pereira’s arrival at Flamengo


Former striker gave his opinion involving the ex-Corinthians going to Mais Querido, being different from Benjamin Back

Photo: Reproduction/Arena SBT - Sheik gave his opinion on VP at Gávea.
Photo: Reproduction/Arena SBT – Sheik gave his opinion on VP at Gávea.

There is no doubt that this arrival of Victor Pereira to Flamengo continues to be one of the most talked about subjects in the Brazilian media, even by Corinthians fans. Last Monday (28), for example, during the Arena SBT program, Benjamin Back, Mano, Cicinho and Emerson Sheik gave their opinions, generating a lot of repercussions.

However, unlike the overwhelming majority, the former striker, treated as an idol at Parque São Jorge, but who played for Flamengo in 2009, 2015 and 2016, said that even claiming family problems, one does not refuse an offer from Mengãoprecisely because of the size and “human material” currently available:

“The truth is this. A coach like Vítor Pereira receives a proposal like that from Flamengo, which perhaps has the best squad in Brazil. How is it not going? How can you not accept? With mother-in-law, father-in-law, everyone is sick, he will accept🇧🇷said Emerson, who heard the following question from Benja: “Hey, are you defending the guy?”asked the presenter.

After that, without letting go, Sheik was not silent, again politely asking for the floor, but replied live, confessing that the way Corinthians left was not ideal, but making it clear that he does not see any problem in the transaction. In addition, he did not stop there and even praised Marcos Braz.

“I’m not defending. It lacked sensitivity. However, him accepting Flamengo’s invitation is normal. Now, Vítor’s first challenge will be winning the locker room (…) But it’s worth remembering that in 2009, when I was lucky enough to return to Brazil and wear the Flamengo shirt, Marquinhos (Braz) was the runner-up in football. Marcos is an impressive guy, he speaks the athlete’s language, he understands a lot”finished.

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