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Robert De Niro is one of the greatest actors in cinema history. It is a true privilege to follow the trajectory of this great artist who continues to be active. Among the many projects he is currently involved in, he was chosen to star in a miniseries called Zero Day, Netflix production headed by Eric Newman, showrunner in narcos (2015-2017), and Noah Oppenheim, president of NBC News since 2017, and screenwriter of jackie (2016). The plot is being kept in relative secrecy by those responsible, but according to the investigation of the North American magazine Variety, it is a political thriller in which De Niro will play a former president of the United States (it is not known whether a fictional ex-president or one taken from reality).

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It will be Robert De Niro’s first regular television role/streaming🇧🇷 Newman and Oppenheim will serve as lead writers and executive produce the series. The script is signed by both and also by Pulitzer Prize winner Michael Schmidt. Jonathan Glickman of Panoramic Media is duly slated to sign on as executive producer, as is himself with De Niro. Stay tuned here at Papo de Cinema for more news about Zero Day as soon as they are released by those responsible.

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