Santos fan tries to visit Pelé in the hospital, but is barred

The love for Pelé made the painter Marcolino Olímpio de Oliveira, 62, leave the neighborhood of Vila das Belezas, south of São Paulo, this Thursday morning (1st), just to fulfill the dream of meeting the idol again. He traveled a distance of more than 11 km by bus, but he also had to walk on foot to reach the Albert Einstein hospital.

Dressed in Santos’ white shirt, number 10 on the back, he wanted to pay a visit to the King of Football. He brought with him a book on the centenary history of the Baixada Santista club, but was prevented from going through the hospital reception.

“I had hope, but unfortunately I couldn’t. I came here to see if I could see Pelé, show him something. But they wouldn’t let me. They said he was undergoing tests. Only relatives and doctors are authorized. he’s here, I’ll come”, promised Marcolino to the UOL Sport🇧🇷

Marcolino left frustrated for not being able to find Pelé again. To UOL, he told that he had a brief chat with the King in the 1970s.

“I worked in a bakery, making and delivering bread. I would go in at 10 pm, leave at 5 am to deliver to the buildings. One day, leaving the bakery, on Avenida 9 de Julho, I ran into him and gave a shout. It was a good meeting, we we hugged, he even gave me the autograph, too bad I lost it”, he recalled.

A regular at stadiums to watch Santos, Marcolino said he was in the final of the 2002 Brazilian Championship, when Diego and Robinho’s team was champion.

“I’m from Santos even down to the sign, which is Pisces. I’ve always been a fan of Pelé. I was born from Santos. I collect shirts, glasses, everything. Santos is Santos, there’s no other. I want him to be in good health. I want him to leave here a thousand!” , wished Marcolino.

In the only medical bulletin released so far, on Wednesday afternoon, Einstein stated that Pelé “is stable, in full control of his vital functions”. The reason for the hospitalization was the reassessment of the chemotherapy treatment of the colon tumor identified in September 2021.

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