Santos probed Rodinei, but European desire stopped the deal

Right-back Rodinei, who played last season for Flamengo and who agreed to transfer to Olympiacos, from Greece, was coveted by Santos recently. With a shortage in the position, Peixe sought out the athlete’s staff to find out the conditions. The desire to play abroad got in the way.

The interest from Santos happened about a month and a half ago. Peixe was already aware that he would not renew with right-back Madson and would not extend the bond with Auro either. Thus, he would only have one option on the right wing in his squad. Even without the confirmation of a coach, Alvinegro understood that Rodinei would be a viable market option.

As the contract with the Rubro Negra team ends this season, the Vila Belmiro team would not need to invest. He would “only” have to settle wages and a contract with Rodinei. The management led by Andres Rueda, however, heard that the side’s desire was to transfer to European football.

At the age of 30 and living the best phase of his career, Rodinei saw the opportunity as a great chance to fulfill his dream and play in European football. Thus, he gave priority to outside proposals.

Even if it stayed in Brazilian football, Peixe would need to beat strong competition. Rodinei received contact from at least five more clubs in Brazil, including Internacional and Atlético-MG, which will play for Libertadores, Vasco, Botafogo and Bahia, clubs that are SAF.

In addition to Rodinei, Santos showed interest in hiring right-back Dudu, 25, currently at Atlético-GO, to reinforce the team next season. The athlete’s contract with the Goiás team runs until the beginning of 2024.

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