Scammers are applying a new scam using Nubank; know more

With an alleged benefit from Nubank, scammers make new victims through WhatsApp messages. Stay tuned!

It is noticeable that new types of scams appear all the time. Now, the novelty of criminals is using an alleged Nubank campaign to make victims. With the end of the year approaching, practices like this become quite common, with the supposed payment of bonuses or premiums to customers of certain banks.

The action of the scammers consists of disclosing the so-called Pix Natalino from Nubank through social messaging networks. Stay tuned and don’t fall for that.

Nubank Pix Natalino coup

The Pix Natalino scam consists of sending messages via WhatsApp with the statement that the fintech will make payments of R$ 50 in celebration of Christmas. According to the messages, to win, just click on the link sent.

The link directs the victim to a page with the colors of Nubank, with comments from supposed people stating that the promotion is true. On the page, there is a form that must be answered with personal data in just 4 questions.

From that moment on, criminals gain access to customer bank details and even request that the victim share the Pix Natalino promotion with other contacts.

How to avoid the Pix Natalino scam?

As messages are sent through WhatsApp, when faced with messages with links that relate to the alleged Pix Natalino, the user should not click and should warn people that it is nothing more than a scam.

Nubank is not offering any type of Pix in this regard.

By the way, when receiving any type of message asking to click on links, be suspicious. This is a way currently used by scammers to make new victims, as with just one click the person can be deceived and have their personal information stolen.

Another way to avoid this type of crime is to seek information in other channels, preferably in the official channels of financial institutions, to verify the veracity. If nothing similar was found on official channels, then do not believe it.

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