Snickers and Mars Bars will switch to recyclable packaging by 2025

Big chocolate brand Mars Wrigley is working to switch its product packaging to paper material. The idea is to reduce excess plastic waste.

the chocolates Snickers and Mars Bars, for example, which are the most common bars in Australia, will start receiving the new packaging in April in the country.

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After a three-year survey, the manufacturer invested around U$ 2.5 million to transform the packaging of paper-based chocolates so that they can be recycled. The research was all conducted by their manufacturing team in Ballarat, Victoria.

The brand confirms that when all Australian-made chocolates are available with the new recyclable packaging, the company will have eliminated more than 360 tonnes of plastic. The goal is for the packaging to be launched worldwide by the year 2025.

Brand general manager Andrew Leakey calls the move a “significant milestone” for the company.

“As one of the largest manufacturers of snacks and treats in Australia, Mars has a responsibility to reduce our environmental footprint across all of our businesses, including packaging. The launch of our new paper-based packaging is a significant step towards achieving our local and global packaging goals.”

The manager also stated that, although the expense with the development of packaging has been expensive, the value of the products will not increase for consumers.

In addition, in 2017, the parent company, Mars Inc, invested close to US$ 1 billion in combating climate change, resource scarcity and reducing environmental impacts.

Melanie Robertson, CEO of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Australia and New Zealand, supports the responsible management of forests. In addition, she believes that changing the brand’s packaging conveys the importance of alternative and ecological choices to disposable plastics.

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