Spanish Prime Minister Receives Letter Bomb One Day After Ukraine Embassy Explosion

Defense Ministry headquarters, military base and weapons manufacturer also received the material; authorities are tracking the sending of the correspondence, but have not yet pointed out suspended

Spanish prime minister’s office received explosive mail this Thursday, 1st

The Prime Minister’s Office Spain🇧🇷 Pedro Sanchez, and other Spanish government facilities received five letter bombs this Thursday, 1st. The materials were detected the day after a letter bomb was sent to Ukraine Embassy in Spain, located in Madrid, causing a local official to be injured when opening the letter. In addition to Sanchez’s office, the headquarters of the Ministry of Defense and the Torrejón de Ardoz air base, in the capital, also received the material, as well as a Spanish arms manufacturer. The letters were detected before being opened, which prevented the explosion and, consequently, the existence of injuries. However, the Spanish authorities activated anti-terrorist protocol in the country, authorizing police and squads to carry out special actions in airports and roads. According to the Spanish government, the letters were sent from within the country and are already being tracked by the police.

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