Starting Biel, ex-Flamengo midfielder becomes an alternative and more

The latest from Grêmio is coming to keep you well informed about the main news from Tricolor this Wednesday (30), with the probable departure of striker Biel, the progress of negotiations for an ex-Flamengo midfielder and more.

Biel may be leaving Grêmio

One of the highlights of Tricolor in the last Series B of the Brazilian Championship, Biel is leaving Grêmio. This is because the striker’s purchase option, provided for in the contract at US$ 2 million (R$ 10.5 million at current quotations), ends this Wednesday (3), and Imortal did not look for Fluminense to exercise it.

It is worth noting that, if you want to proceed with the negotiation, Tricolor Gaúcho could use an old Flu debt with the Gremista team to deduct 60% of the player’s value. According to information released in recent weeks, the dispute with the club from Rio de Janeiro, recognized in court, of a loan made during the management of president Fábio Koff, already reaches around R$ 6 million.

Because of this, the debt could be deducted from the value of the fixed pass for striker Biel, which would cost Imortal only R$ 4 million. However, despite showing interest in the athlete’s permanence, Grêmio does not seem to have the resources, at this moment, to pay the rest of the value.

Latest from Grêmio: ex-Flamengo midfielder becomes an alternative

Grêmio is looking for reinforcements for next season’s dispute and has defined targets in the ball market. One of the names that came into the sights of President Alberto Guerra’s management was midfielder Pepê, a youngster from Flamengo’s base and who has been playing for Cuiabá since last year. The business, however, is not easy.

According to information from the report on the Globo Esporte website, the 24-year-old player sought out the board of directors of Cuiabá to demonstrate his desire to play for Tricolor. However, Dourado are reluctant to release their number 10, who scored two goals and provided an assist in 43 appearances in the 2022 season.

One of the reasons why Imortal sought to hire the midfielder is the difficulty faced by the board in closing with Felipe Carballo, from Nacional-URU. Unsuccessful so far in negotiations with the gringo, the club from Rio Grande do Sul sought Pepê, but comes up against the financial issue.

The player’s termination fine, which so far has not been revealed, is considered high and above the values ​​practiced by Cuiabá in the market. With a contract until 2024, the midfielder intends to work with coach Renato Portaluppi next season.

Tricolor announces new change in staff

Elected earlier this month, Grêmio’s new management has already begun to reformulate some sectors of the club. Formed by Alberto Guerra, Gustavo Bolognesi, Luciano Feldens, Eduardo Magrisso, Fábio Floriani, Geraldo Barbosa Correa and José Carlos Corrêa Duarte, the Grêmio Board of Directors announced another change today (30).

This is Grêmio’s marketing executive, Beto Carvalho, who ended his time at Tricolor this Wednesday. After almost a decade at Imortal, the professional is one more to leave the club after Alberto Guerra was elected president.

During the period in which he was in charge of the portfolio, Beto Carvalho was elected the best marketing executive in Brazil three times. In addition, in 2014 and 2015, the director received the Brasil Sport Market Award, one of the country’s greatest recognitions in the area.

As with the departure of CEO Carlos Amodêo and football executive Diego Cerri, there is still no confirmed name for replacing Beto Carvalho.

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