Team lets slip how much Casimiro earned on YouTube with the 2022 World Cup broadcast

The transmission team of Brazilian youtuber Casimiro Miguel, who is streaming the 2022 FIFA World Cup matcheslet slip how much the YouTube channel “CazéTV” raised at the beginning of the competition in Qatar.

During the game between Poland and Argentina, the team put an image on the screen that showed the main panel of the channel with data on the last 28 days. During this period, CazéTV raised US$ 160,000, around R$ 832,000 in direct conversion.

It is worth noting that this amount does not include taxes or fees charged by YouTube. The amount is also just part of the money earned by Casimiro’s team, which also broadcasts the Cup on Twitch and FIFA+, the free streaming of the competition.

Casimiro also relies on other partnerships during the coverage of the World Cup, such as corporate sponsorships. Also according to the leaked image, the team managed to reach 210 million views on the channel in November.

It is important to point out that the youtuber can raise much more than that amount until the end of the championship. The quoted values ​​were obtained only in the first days of the competition. Also, there are the recipes from other youtuber channels.

The 2022 World Cup also made Casimiro go down in history by breaking records on YouTube. In Brazil’s first game in the competition, the streamer managed to overcome singer Marília Mendonça and got the title of most watched live in the country🇧🇷

In the second game of the Brazilian team, Casimir went even further surpassing live events such as SpaceX and Apple. Data from the PlayBoard platform indicate that this World Cup live is the second largest in the history of the platform.

And you, have you ever watched a World Cup game live on Casimir? Tell us in the comments down below!

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