Teenage girl hit by roller coaster wakes up from coma after two months: ‘Worst injuries doctors have ever seen’

A woman injured in a horrific roller coaster accident has finally woken up from her coma after two months. Shylah Rodden, 26, was hit by a toy car at the Royal Melbourne Show in Australia in September. This Wednesday (30), a person close to the family told the Australian newspaper News how his clinical condition is evolving.

The case happened on the Rebel Coaster, on September 25th. Shylah was trying to retrieve her cell phone from under the tracks, when she was hit with everything by the carts that were going at 70km / h. She was thrown about thirty feet into the air. After the accident, the young woman was immediately rushed to the Royal Melbourne Hospital and placed in a coma.

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“The latest update [foi que] she woke up. She is not out of the woods yet and is unable to speak.”, said the source. Rodden had been showing some signs of improvement, with his condition being downgraded from critical to severe on 11 October.

At the time, Rodden’s father, Allan, reported that the medical team taking care of the Australian claimed that “I haven’t seen anything as bad as this in a long time”. “The wounds are horrible – horrible. She has brain damage. The pelvis, your arms, legs, back, neck – there’s hardly anything that isn’t broken.”he said. “I just cannot understand how so much damage was done”he added.

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On the day she was hit, Rodden was working at a friend’s tent when she decided to take a break break. A video showing the time of the accident ran the web at the time. The images show the woman standing inside the toy’s safety rails before being run over. Watch the moment:

At first, many people criticized Shylah’s lack of care, but the president of the Australian Institute for Health and Safety, Naomi Kemp, said she was not to blame. “Not only do we have to think about the safety of the toy, but also the surrounding safety area in which it is operating”he stated.

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After the case, a spokesperson for the event reinforced “the strict security protocols”. “All on-site attractions have undergone rigorous compliance inspections and passed all required safety documentation”, he declared. Management declined to comment on whether new safety procedures were put in place after the accident. The toy reopened a few days later.

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