“That’s the value for Flamengo, at Pix”; Money that Vasco accepts to pay for Matheuzinho ‘shocks’ the fans


Right-back has been very coveted in the football market and can be sold by Mengão in 2023

- Matheuzinho
🇧🇷 (Photo: Andrey Heuler/Getty Images)– Matheuzinho

matheuzinho is a right-back who has been playing for Flamengo for some time, but has never established himself. When he arrived from Londrina, the athlete completed his entire base category in CRFwas always considered a promising athlete and many indicated that he would be the solution for the side in the professional, but that did not happen and is far from being reality.

Matheuzinho has had good times, it’s true, but he hasn’t turned into a 100% reliable player. When he had a sequel, he failed at times and was criticized by the crowd. The player, however, is still young: he is only 22 years old and there is a margin for error to evolve, especially in the defensive part. In attack, he has always been very good and has a great cross. That’s why he has been receiving several surveys in the market.

Last week, the Fenerbahçe showed interest in his hiring and signaled that he would make a proposal. Flamengo awaits the completion of the offer to discuss its future. Internally, the right-back is considered a negotiable athlete, which depending on the values, the deal may indeed come out. Now, it’s Vasco’s turn to enter the dispute for the player, as reported by the journalist Jorge Nicola🇧🇷

Cruz-Maltino has been looking for a player in the position and considers Matheuzinho a signing that fits this profile. Flamengo’s archrival considers values ​​of up to BRL 13 million to reach an agreement for a right-back, that is, these are the figures that, in the opinion of Vasco da Gama, Matheuzinho is evaluated.

Flamengo does not need to sell to balance its finances. The Club does business according to its needs and proposals that are good for the institution. It is worth remembering that, with the departure of roundedFlamengo only has Matheuzinho and Varela as options in the sector.

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