The controversies of the Mexican heartthrobs of SBT

In April of this year, Mexican telenovelas completed 40 years of broadcasting in Brazil. Popular on SBT, the plots known for their suffering girls became new on streaming and even gained space on Globoplay. Elevated to the rank of heartthrob all over the world by the serials in which they played a kind of hero, some actors continue to make the audience sigh, others have left TV aside to star in controversies.

Eduardo Capetillo, for example, from Marimar (1994), had to deal with his current wife’s exaggerated jealousy during the recording of the telenovela, and the romantic scenes with Thalía were a source of nervousness and tension. Years later, in turn, he demanded that he be cast as the woman’s romantic partner and forbade her from kissing other actors on the scene.

Maurício Islas, from Manancial (2001), had sexual intercourse with a co-star who was still a minor and was arrested on charges of rape, even claiming that everything that happened was consensual. Check out the controversies in which five heartthrobs of Mexican soap operas were involved:

Fernando Colunga

Before and after Fernando Colunga

Fernando Colunga gained star status for soap operas that were successful worldwide, such as Maria do Bairro (1995) and A Usurpadora (1998). Since then, despite not having spliced ​​one work into another, as he did in the 90s, he has participated in several productions.

Among his biggest controversies are the changes his face went through, which generated many rumors that he had plastic surgery to avoid natural aging. In 2020, the actor, who is now 56 years old, denied that he had undergone such procedures and said that he had taken care of himself throughout his life.

Another subject that arouses the curiosity of the public and the press is the fact that Colunga never got married. The Mexican said that he considers marriage to be a big commitment and that he doesn’t have an easy temper, which is why he has never exchanged rings with anyone. About the rumors of homosexuality that have always surrounded him, he was emphatic.

“Some of the press keep saying I’m gay. If I were, I’d say yes, but I’m not. I’m not going to try to convince them either”, he pointed out, at the launch of the film Thief Who Robbs Thief 2, in 2015.

Eduardo Captillo

Before and After Eduardo Capetillo

Eduardo Captillo he was successful in Marimar (1994), which was sold to more than 150 countries and participated in several other Mexican plots, such as Amy, la niña de la backpack azul (2004) and La Madrastra (2005).

However, in the international press, since the time he made a romantic couple with Thalía, rumors have circulated that he did not like to kiss his co-star and was nervous during tender scenes, even disturbing the progress of the recordings.

Later, a Guatemalan portal released the information that everything was caused by the jealousy of Bibi Gaytán, at the time the heartthrob’s girlfriend, who insisted on following everything from behind the scenes. Today, the two have been married for 28 years and have five children.

Years later, the tables have turned. In 1998, when Bibi played Camila, Capetillo demanded that he be cast as his wife’s date and did not want her to do romantic sequences with other actors.

Eduardo Santamarina

Before and after Eduardo Santamarina

Eduardo Santamarina he was recently successful as the villain Octavio de La Desalmada (2021), which achieved good ratings in the United States. However, before that, the actor had already made the audience sigh in many other serials, such as Triunfo del Amor (2010) and Rubí (2004).

This last one was also a great success, but it messed with the actor’s head, who has a troubled love life and marked by betrayals. According to what the famous man confessed in interviews, the success he had as the young man from Rubí left him dazzled and led him to make many mistakes.

Santamarina was in the eye of the storm when he was still married to Itati Cantoral, Maria do Bairro’s Soraya Montenegro (1995). While his wife was in Brazil on business, he got involved with Susana González, his co-star in Velo de Novia (2003). The wife found out about the infidelity from a chambermaid.

After he assumed a relationship with Susana, Eduardo cheated on her with Mayrin Villanueva, known in Brazil as Alice from Se Nos Caminha (2021). The two are still together today and have a 13-year-old daughter, Julia.

In interviews, the actor has also spoken openly about alcohol addiction, which started when he was just 15 years old and took a long time to overcome. According to the actor, the drink even made him have sex with several women without protection.

Mauritius Islands

Before and after Mauricio Islas

Mauritius Islands He began his career as a teenager and starred in several Mexican soap operas that were successful on the SBT screen, such as Manancial (2001), Primeiro Amor à Mil Por Hora (2001) and Amor Real (2003).

However, in the midst of his roles as a good guy in Televisa’s plots, the actor has already been involved in some controversies, two of them at the time he starred in Prisionera (2004). The actor was accused by Gabriela Spanic, his co-star, of sexual abuse, and the relationship between the two was quite strained.

After a soap opera party, he had sexual intercourse with a young actress, underage, called Genesis Rodriguez, who ended up in the hospital after a fracture and the suspicion of pregnancy arose, which made the case public.

Islas faced a rape charge, was arrested and spent a few hours in jail. The celebrity was sentenced to 100 hours of community service and a $7,500 fine. In his version of what happened, Maurício said that the relationship was by mutual agreement, but, as the girl was a minor, Justice understood that she was unable to decide for herself.

Sebastian Rulli

Before and After by Sebastián Rulli

Famous in Brazil for titles such as Rubí (2004) and Amores Verdadeiros (2012), Sebastián Rulli has already been involved in controversies related to football and politics. During the 2018 World Cup, he criticized the player Neymar and was the target of contempt by the Brazilian fans.

“Dedicate yourself to playing, Neymar! As an actor, Neymar is terrible. Congratulations to Brazil, it has a great team”, he said, during a game between Brazil and Mexico. After many negative messages, he returned to social media and said he was not well understood.

As early as 2021, Rulli criticized colleagues in the artistic environment who publicly demonstrated their support for a party during the election period, which was considered a violation of electoral rules. The Argentine was slammed by Mexicans, who asked him not to talk about local politics, as he wasn’t born there.

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