The ‘language’ of the future is neither English nor programming and allows you to earn between BRL 6,272 and BRL 6,994 per month more than your current salary

A few decades ago, knowing how to speak English in Brazil was an extremely competitive differential in the labor market🇧🇷

Today, in the face of enormous globalization and greater access to education, English is practically a prerequisite for the best vacancies in certain careers.

No wonder, professionals who master the language earn, on average, almost twice as much as those who do not speak English.

Source: IstoÉ

Crucial for absorbing technical content, for understanding jargon and imported methodologies and for integrating multinational teams, over the years, English has become practically a commodity among employees of the main companies in the country.

How to differentiate yourself even more then? Learning to speak Spanish, by the number of neighboring countries whose language is our sister language? Or focus on Mandarin, given China’s growing relevance to the global economy?

None of that: according to analysts, the ideal second language is much more linked to skills for executing the job itself than to verbal communication.

It’s not programming: the ‘language’ of the future can be ‘spoken’ even by those who don’t understand anything about technology

For many specialists, the “new English” for the job market is to know foreign languages. schedule🇧🇷

With the increasing digitization of corporate life and processes, knowing how to develop and understand systems, websites and applications has become a necessity for practically every company and professional.

Source: Gazeta do Povo

On the one hand, technology specialists are among the most requested and well paid from the market.

On the other hand, people from other areas who manage to bring more technology to their processes and deliveries are seen as “wildcard” professionals and, consequently, are better paid.

The big problem with learning a programming language is that the process requires a lot of time. technical knowledge to which very few people have access.

In addition, to become a distinguished professional, you need to have years of experience – that is, the fruits take time to be harvested.

This makes it impossible for ordinary people, who work full-time and still need to go to college or take care of home and family, to be able to develop in this area.

Because of this, experts have been pointing to another skill as the true “language” of the future, which could be:

  • Accessed by anyone;
  • Learned in a short time;
  • Capable of generating expressive financial returns.

It is about this “language” that we will talk below.

Before explaining what the “language” of the future is, it is important to make one thing clear: although this capacity can indeed be used by large companies, the most common thing is that those who master this “language” exploit the ability to earn money on their own. .

That’s what a group of fluents have been doing for the past few months: using this skill, they’ve gotten an average daily return of BRL 224.

This value was obtained apart from the wages of their ordinary jobs, that is, it is a extra income for those who master the “language”.

But enough delay: we are talking here about the ability to chart reading🇧🇷 Knowing how to understand what lines, bars and numbers indicate is fundamental not only for mathematicians and statisticians, but for ordinary people who want extra income.

Look at the image below: does it mean something to you?

Personal Archive/William Okumoto

It may sound like Greek (or any other complex language), but it’s looking at these graphs that ordinary people are being able to earn, on average, BRL 224 per day🇧🇷

This is because this modality of charts is related to trading financial assets such as stocks and cryptocurrencies.

In general terms, the chart shows the history of price evolution and, through this information, “sharp” readers are able to predict the movements of the future🇧🇷

By knowing what will happen with a good probability of success, these readers can perform small operationswhich lead few minutes to be done – and thus have a high chance of make money with the rise or fall of the price of these assets.

“Ordinary people look at the charts and can’t see anything. Those who can read, however, see a great opportunity to earn money there”, explains the specialist. William Okumotoone of the most “fluent” graphists in the country in the technique.

Okumoto explains that, of course, it’s impossible to be right 100% of the time, as prices are determined by future market movements.

However, there is a strong correlation between what has happened and what will happen, allowing those who can see the movements to earn money consistently.

Reading charts does not require college or experience: all you need is internet access and a few minutes a day

Although English and programming are very important for the current job market, reading charts has a number of advantages. Among them, stand out:

  1. Does not require years of study: with qualified mentors and a technical preparatory course, it is already possible to become a good reader in 3 or 4 months;
  2. THE experience is welcome, but not necessary: naturally, the more experience you have, the better your financial performance in reading charts; however, it is already possible start making money as a beginnersimply copying the executions of the mentors;
  3. You don’t depend on salary and bonuses to make money: the gain is proportional to your performance and dedication🇧🇷
  4. Can you make money 7 days a week, 24 hours a day🇧🇷
  5. You can profit from rising or falling market🇧🇷

Free registration: start learning the ‘language’ of the future in 2022

To fill the gap of fluent chart readers, William Okumoto is putting together a group of people interested in learning this skill and starting earning money as quickly as possible.

Participants will learn to read cryptocurrency charts and also to perform operations to seek to earn money from this reading.

Okumoto’s projection is that beginners earn, on average, R$ 224 daily. Considering up to 31 days of operation per month, this would give an extra monthly income of up to BRL 6,944on a conservative projection.

All this by dedicating just a few minutes a day to reading and executing. Also, you don’t need to have experience with charts and cryptocurrencies and don’t even have a lot of money to invest.

Project participants will be entitled to:

  • One Preparatory course complete;
  • One trading room live, three times a day, to include people working any shift;
  • 2 months of daily operations made by specialists, which can be copied;
  • Vacancy in one VIP group of real-time signalsl, in which Okumoto and his team will identify operations with a good chance of profit and tip members to do the same.

The group is coordinated by William Okumoto and his partners Eloy Michelina former investment bank trader, and Danielle Seyffertspecialist in cryptocurrency fundamentals and one of the great female highlights of the Brazilian Poker Championship in recent years.

To register for free and receive more information about this group, just click the button below:

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