The series finale will focus on some major characters; understand

Titled ‘Rest in Peace,’ The Walking Dead finale will air on November 20, 2022 – but series will continue with spinoffs

One of the top zombie series of recent years, The Walking Dead finally it will end in the 11th season next Sunday, the 20th. According to the showrunner, Angela Kangthe last episode, titled “rest in peace,” which runs for an hour, will focus more on main characters such as daryl 🇧🇷Norman Reedus🇧🇷 carol 🇧🇷Melissa McBride) and maggie 🇧🇷Lauren Cohan🇧🇷

During an interview with Entertainment Weekly🇧🇷 kang revealed what fans can expect from the long-awaited finale of the series based on the comics of Robert Kirkman🇧🇷 🇧🇷[Focar nos protagonistas] it’s the approach we took, and it’s possible that not everyone will be happy with it, but when you have so many characters, you can’t give each person equal weight in what is basically, I don’t know, 60 minutes of screen time,” said the executive.

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“So the way we look at it is when we get to the end, we want a hint of what happened to everybody, but we really use that whole block of episodes to point the spotlight at different people at different times so that hopefully everybody there’s a moment to shine and show who they’ve become in this,” continued the showrunner. “But they still have this last fight to face together.”

But the ending is definitely focused more on certain stories in particular. Not all people will get the same amount of screen time, because like I said, it makes disputes impossible.

The Walking Dead: Spin-offs with Daryl and Rick get official title; Look

Even as the release of the final eight episodes of The Walking Dead last Sunday, the 2nd, the series will not end completely, because the production based on the comics of Robert Kirkman will win spin-offs focused on negan 🇧🇷Jeffrey Dean Morgan🇧🇷 maggie 🇧🇷Lauren Cohan🇧🇷 daryl 🇧🇷Norman Reedus🇧🇷 rick 🇧🇷Andrew Lincoln) and michonne 🇧🇷Danai Gurira🇧🇷

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Last Sunday, the official profile of The Walking Dead published more details of the spin-offs on social networks: the titles. The first derivative, focused on negan and maggiegot the name dead city 🇧🇷dead city,” in the free translation). The production with daryl has a simple title: Daryl Dixon🇧🇷 The series with the romance between rick and michonne called Rick & Michonne🇧🇷

It is worth remembering that the three spin-offs are productions of the American channel AMCresponsible for The Walking Dead🇧🇷 Better Call Saul and breaking bad🇧🇷 interpreter of carol🇧🇷 Melissa McBride would star Daryl Dixon beside Norman Reedusbut left the project because he refused to move to Europe, where the series was filmed.

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