These 4 WhatsApp functions will optimize your life; stop wasting time

WhatsApp is already part of Brazilians’ lives. We use the messaging tool to chat with family, friends and resolve work issues. However, as much as we use the messenger on a daily basis, it is normal for some functions to go unnoticed.

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Check out some WhatsApp tools worth knowing!

1 – Make payments

Great tool for shopping at local stores or splitting the bill with friends. open the Whatsapp, look for “Settings” and choose “Payments”. Then tap “Start” and accept the terms of use. Then choose a 6-digit PIN and complete your details such as Name, CPF and CEP. Finally, add a debit card to make and receive payments.

To pay someone, open the conversation with the contact you want to send a payment to, tap the “R$” icon next to the text box, write the amount and tap “Pagar”.

2 – Remove “viewed” from messages

Are you an anxious person or do you live with anxious people? That little blue line in conversations can get in the way of relationships, after all, knowing that the person read it and didn’t respond, or even feeling obliged to respond right away, is not nice.

To remove the preview, go to “Privacy”, and uncheck the “Read receipts” box. This option will only be available in groups.

3 – Send images without losing quality

Those who work with design or need to create posts on social networks know that WhatsApp tends to impair the quality of images sent. To change this default, open the app and go to settings. Click on “Storage and Data” and then on “Media file quality”, choose the option “High quality”.

4 – Send images with a transparent background

Another important function for anyone working with images: have you ever wanted to create a post where you needed a photo with a transparent background? Sometimes we even have the image with the background removed, but when sending Whatsapp ends up creating a black background.

To avoid this error and maintain the transparency of your image, choose the option to send File instead of sending Photo/Video. This way, you can choose a PNG file without the app creating an automatic background for it.

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