Understand the love scandal involving players from Belgium

The World Cup usually brings that feeling of unity, that all players are together in favor of winning the competition. On the field, the athletes may even seem to be in sync, but behind the scenes the situation is quite different.

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In the Belgium national team, for example, there are two players who cut ties due to a love scandal that happened almost ten years ago. It’s midfield Kevin De Bruyne and the goalkeeper Thibaut Courtois🇧🇷

It all started in 2013, when Caroline Lijnen, Kevin’s girlfriend at the time, took a trip to Madrid. In the Spanish capital, she met Courtois and had an affair with the athlete.

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However, the girl said that the story was not that simple. In an interview with Story Magazine, Caroline revealed that she only stayed with Courtois to get back at Kevin, who cheated on her earlier.

“Kevin cheated on me. I didn’t say anything for months because I couldn’t because Kevin’s parents said they would sue me if I told my story. I was under pressure. In the summer of 2012, Kevin admitted to me that he had hooked up with my best friend. Still, I gave her the choice: me or her. I was ready to give him one more chance, but after that our relationship was never the same,” she said.

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The young woman also revealed that she felt much better with Courtois, that the goalkeeper did things for her that Kevin had never done.

“In one night of love with Cortois I received more than Kevin gave in three years of courtship. With Thibaut, I could talk about anything and everything. He even cooked me a delicious meal, Kevin never did that for me. Kevin cheated on me and I thought ‘why shouldn’t I do the same?’”, he stated.

Some sources claim that the two have already overcome the story, but informants closer to the players guarantee that the relationship between the two remains shaken after the situation.


The situation of Belgium in the World Cup in Qatar, really, is not the best. Recently, Kevin de Bruyne stated that the Belgian national team is “aged”. On the other hand, the midfield Eden Hazard said the team’s defense is “slow”.

After Belgium’s 2-0 defeat against Morocco in the second round of the competition, the defender Jan Vertonghen mocked the lines said by teammates.

“A lot of things are going through my head that I shouldn’t say, or at least not outside the locker room. We probably also attack badly because we’re old, don’t we? Is something like that always going to be said?” he said in the post-game interview.

This Thursday, December 1st, Belgium faces Croatia and needs to win if they want to qualify for the round of 16 without depending on the result of the game between Canada and Morocco.

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