Video game tax breaks may be revoked

According to Estadão, the reduction in taxes on video games may end up being revoked in the new Lula government — the import tariffs for these products were lowered under the presidency of Jair Bolsonaro. Jet skis and sailboats would also be the target of the “revocation” of the new president of Brazil.

As the Brazilian newspaper reports, the team of the new chief executive “identified ordinances, decrees and resolutions that will be reversed in a total of 20 revocations”. This was one of the PT’s promises to his government.

The justification for repealing the reduction in taxes on video games, jet skis and sailboats is that such measures would benefit luxury products and were taken without technical criteria. Not only that, but they would also violate Mercosur rules and ordinances that changed inclusion criteria in the former tariff.

Video game taxes had been reduced in June

In July of this year, the Federal Government reduced the rate of parts and accessories for games and consoles from 16% to 12%. For videogames with screens included (portable or not), the tax was zeroed. All of this includes the tariff on imports.

In August 2021, there was another reduction in the tax on video games in Brazil: at the time, the IPI rate dropped from 30% to 20%. Such a measure made the suggested price of PS5 and PS4 fall at the time.

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