What did Tite do that FIFA now wants to stop Brazil from winning the World Cup in Qatar


‘The fish dies through the mouth’ is an extremely popular saying in Brazil, where it means that everything we say can turn against us. Tite and other members of Brazilian Team criticized in a very insistent way the lawn of the stadium 974, one of the most famous arenas in world Cupand this attitude did not please FIFA🇧🇷

After winning by 1 to 0 secopen the Switzerland, players complained about the quality of the field. Brazil will return to the stadium if it stays in first place in the Group G🇧🇷 This will be confirmed in case of victory or draw with Cameroon, on Friday, or depending on the outcome of the other match in the bracket. The curiosity is that the Brazilian Team is the one that most takes fans to the arenas, but will play more often in the smallest stadium in the world. qatar🇧🇷

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“The lawn is not on the same level as the Lusail nor from the field of our training center. We already did it yesterday, but we are going to do a deeper consultation with the fifa🇧🇷 If we are going to play there in the round of 16, we think it will be more damaged. I don’t know what can be done, but something has to be done.”said Juninho Paulista, coordinator of the national team.

World Cup smallest stadium

O 974which has the capacity to 40 thousand peoplewill host seven games in Cup🇧🇷 The last one will be precisely that of the round of 16, in which Brazilif they confirm their leadership, they will face the second placed group H. Three days before the round of 16 match, Poland and Argentina faced each other in 974 with the Argentine victory by 2 to 0🇧🇷

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