why are Uruguayans singing in Qatar that they are four times world champions even with only two Cups

ESPN.com.br listened to Uruguay fans in Qatar to find out the reasons for the song that became a sensation

On the streets of Doha, Qatar, supporters of Uruguay sing a song non-stop.

🇧🇷World champion, world champion, we’re four times world champions🇧🇷

But why do fans Heavenly they’re saying they’re four-time world champions even though they’ve only won twice hearts (1930s and 1950s)?

To get the answer, the ESPN.com.br spoke to several Uruguayan fans before the game against Portugalfor the 2nd round of group C, and heard the arguments – check it out in the video above🇧🇷

According to them, the song is due to the fact that Heavenly have won two football tournaments in the Olympic Gamesin 1924 and 1928, before FIFA created the World Cup in 1930.

“Come on, I’ll explain. Before having the 1930 World Cup, which was the first World Cup, in Uruguay, the Olympic football tournaments were considered the first world football tournaments, because of the lack of infrastructure to carry out a World Cup as we know it today,” said one fan.

“So, FIFA organized the Olympic soccer tournaments, within the Olympic Games, in 1924, in France, then in 1928, in Amsterdam. The Olympic soccer part was made by FIFA and it was considered world-wide and we won. That’s why , even officially recognized by FIFA. Don’t understand that it was a maneuver….”, he added.

In an ironic tone, another Uruguayan did not like the question asked by a Brazilian vehicle.

“We’re world champions four times. It’s necessary to understand a little more history, so I’m going to give a history lesson to the Brazilian brothers… The Olympics, the 24th and 28th, are considered world championships, so we have four Belgium there is one. We are champions. The first four-time champion “, she pointed out.

Nearby, one hynchus more exalted pointed to the shield of the shirt and contested.

“1924, 1928, 1930 and 1950. Do you know football? Do you really know football? So don’t ask me that. Ask yourself. Do you think it’s fair? That’s it. That’s how I like it”, he countered.

For fans of Heavenlyit is more than fair that the selection’s shirt has four golden stars above its crest.

“There are four world titles: two World Cups and two Olympics, in the Olympic Games. There are four titles that were conquered in a world game. There may be discussions, there may be those who like it, but on our shirt we can put the four stars”, he stated. a fan.

“Yes, it’s fair. Because it’s not something that can be extinguished, and we won the Olympic tournaments legally. Now there are several teams in the World Cup, it’s a more competitive tournament, but at that time it was also difficult to be world champion, It wasn’t easy,” argued another.

Asked if they thought it was fair Brazil add two more stars to their uniform, referring to the 2016 and 2020 Olympic golds, the Uruguayans were divided.

“It’s different. Do you know about football, my dear? So you can’t ask me that. In 24 and 28 it was the World Cup, now (the Olympics) it’s not the World Cup. So it wouldn’t be fair,” said one .

“It’s fair. Brazil can do whatever they want with the shirt, because it’s theirs. I think they can add, if there’s a World Cup, they can add the star, yes, they can’t question it. It’s a thing for Brazil and Brazilians. In Uruguay, this is not discussed”, concluded another.

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