With coveted athletes, Santos plays hard and asks high in the transfer market

John is the desire of São Paulo, but the negotiation did not happen (Credit: Ivan Storti/Santos FC)

Santos has been one of the main protagonists in the transfer window. The club has received several queries from its athletes in recent days, but it does not facilitate and plays hard in negotiations. The most coveted players are goalkeeper John, left-back Felipe Jonatan and striker Lucas Braga.

Internally, Peixe does not consider any player non-negotiable, but does not intend to facilitate conversations. It is worth noting that, recently, the board led by President Andrés Rueda was criticized by part of the fans for “selling for little” some players.

John – Goalkeeper

Since the mid-season window of 2022, the goalkeeper has been the most quoted name to leave the club. Aware that it will be difficult to displace his friend João Paulo from Santos, the athlete intends to have the first opportunity in his career as a “number 1” goalkeeper in another association.

The big problem is that Pisces did not receive what was expected. In recent interview with DIÁRIO DO PEIXE, president Andrés Rueda revealed that there is an agreement with John so that if a proposal pleases Peixe, the athlete will be released. Alvinegro does not give up R$ 8 million, which was not offered by São Paulo, the main interest in the archer.

“There is something that is not related to the sale of a player, but I have a verbal agreement with John that, if a proposal appears, good for Santos and for him, we would give up. I understand him, he is 26 years old, he wants to play, he is dedicated, he creates from our base. I think it’s fair that he wants to grow in his career. That agreement was made three, four months ago, when he expressed his desire to play. Now, it is a proposal that is interesting for Santos and him”, said the top hat.

The Morumbi club even considered involving athletes in the negotiation, but the conversations did not evolve. There is pessimism on the part of São Paulo, which has already started to evaluate other names in the market.

Felipe Jonatan – Left-back

Marcelo Paz, president of Fortaleza, made it clear in recent interviews that Felipe is of interest to the club. At Peixe, the number 3 experienced a whirlwind of emotions during the season. The player started the season as a starter, but ended up losing his spot. Over time, however, he regained his space and today he is one of the most sought after names on the transfer market.

Paz commented that in recent days he had talked with people linked to Santos and an exchange between players was considered. Fortaleza, however, refused, as the athletes that Peixe asked for were ‘important’ for the Northeast team. Thus, the negotiation stopped.

“Felipe Jonatan, as I said, we are interested. We made no proposal. I talked to someone from Santos, I spoke about the importance, our desire. He asked if an exchange could happen, but there was no exchange agreement. The players they wanted from us, I won’t say who they are, but they are important. I won’t say that (negotiation) cooled down, but it stopped. We are interested, I speak openly in a respectful way. If you have an understanding together with Santos, you can wear the shirt of Fortaleza”, said the top hat of the northeastern club in the Trem Bala program, from Ceará TV.

Another club looking for an option in the market is São Paulo. After Reinaldo’s departure, at the end of his contract, Tricolor showed interest in both Santos wingers: Felipe Jonatan and Lucas Pires. Peixe was not excited about the possibility of negotiating the number 44 shirt, as was initially published by wow🇧🇷

Lucas Braga – Striker

Santos’ shirt number 30 was sought after by the soccer from abroad🇧🇷 V-Varen Nagasaki, a Japanese team led by coach Fábio Carille, probed the player’s contract conditions. The values, at first, were considered high by the Japanese team.

Peixe does not consider Braga a “non-negotiable” player, but does not intend to give up for little. The new coach, Odair Hellmann, wants to have Lucas in the squad. Santos asks between US$ 5 and 6 million dollars for 80% of the player (about R$ 30 million reais). The Japanese team was left to analyze.

This is the second window in which Lucas Braga has been harassed. In addition to a club from Egypt and Japan, Internacional sought out the player and even made proposals. Fish refused. In addition to the values ​​not pleasing, reinforcing a rival in the Brasileirão does not please the Santos leadership.

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