Actor reveals Megan Fox’s suffering during film recording

Kyle Gallner shared how it felt while filming Hell Girl and what the impact of fame was having on megan fox🇧🇷

In an interview for the podcast Inside of You with Michael Rosenbaumthe interpreter of Colin Gray was asked about how it was to work with Fox in Hell Girl🇧🇷

He recalled that his co-star was struggling with the height of her fame during the film’s production, and felt heartbroken to see the actress objectified by everyone else.

“It was good, there was a part of it that my heart kind of broke for her every day, because it was right in the pandemonium of Megan Fox. Where everyone was so onto her, and she was cautious. And it sucked because she was being kind of objectified as a person by everybody, by the world, that was tough. But she was really nice to me, I had a lot of fun working with her. But, no, Megan was great, I really enjoyed working with her and I’m really happy to see the film getting a second life.”

Kyle Gallner is currently in Smile🇧🇷 The actor also appeared in Panic, Ghosts of War, The Hour of Unloading and The outsiders.

Megan Fox’s success peaked after she appeared in the franchise. Transformers🇧🇷 After Hell Girlshe acted in The Ninja Turtles🇧🇷 The Invisible Woman🇧🇷 The Passengers and Good Morning.

Kyle Gallner as Colin Gray in Hell Girl (Playback)
Kyle Gallner as Colin Gray in Hell Girl (Playback)

About Hell Girl

Directed by Karyn KusamaGirl from Hell is a horror comedy released in 2009. The plot shows a high school girl named Jennifer who is possessed by a demon after being offered as a sacrifice by a rock band in exchange for fame.

Still possessed, the girl starts to feed on her colleagues. The only person able to stop Jennifer is her best friend. needy🇧🇷

The film’s cast included M.egan Fox, Kyle Gallner, Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons, JK Simmons, Amy Sedaris, Cynthia Stevenson, Chris Pratt, Carrie Genzel and Juan Riedinger🇧🇷

Written by diablo codywho won an Oscar for Juno, the film’s premiere initially divided critics. The film had a budget of US$ 16 million, and despite having Fox in its cast, it grossed just over US$ 31 million at the box office.

On IMDb, Hell Girl It received a score of 5.4/10, while on Rotten Tomatoes it received a score of 46% from critics and 65% from the public.

The film can currently be watched on the streaming service. Star+🇧🇷

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