Airport employee is scared to see live cat inside luggage in X-ray

There are some situations that only happen to those who are a pet’s parent, but this news proves that in reality it is not quite like that. While traveling, a man had a real scare while on the TSA line at John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York, United States.

The event, which was supposed to be just a trip back to his house, ended up becoming a police case, gaining international repercussions and becoming news here at Amo Meu Pet. And the worst part is that the poor guy wasn’t even to blame.

Calm down, I’ll explain what happened. The man was waiting for his luggage, when something caught the attention of the airport security team.

Trackers noticed a foreign object in the X-ray machine.

By the shape visualized in the X-ray, it was already possible to suspect the origin of the ‘object’, which had the shape of a cat.

Confirmation, however, only came when the police carried out a more detailed inspection. When opening the luggage it was confirmed: it really was a cat.

Instantly, the security team questioned the owner of the suitcase, who, of course, had to give serious explanations about the situation.

Turns out, not even the owner of the suitcase was aware of what happened and it took a while to understand how it all happened. But to update you, despite the scare, the cat was luckily safe and well.

Now, let’s go to the answer that won’t shut up: how did the cat get inside the suitcase at an airport?

After questioning the man by the police at the airport, it turned out that everything was nothing more than a big mess, which the kitten himself ended up causing. After all, he stopped there of his own free will. A person who ended up witnessing the scene detailed the story on social media.

“This happened on my airline and I was there. The poor guy DID NOT do this on purpose. He was visiting a friend and his friendly cat jumped on his luggage, but he had NO idea this happened,” the source said.

Automatically people should wonder about the fact how the kitten could do that. But, in my opinion, the kitten was just bored and tired of his home, he decided to take advantage of the opportunity (in this case the open suitcase), breaking new ground. Literally.

The adventure, however, could have ended very badly, both for him and for the poor man who had no idea what was happening. Fortunately, everything was discovered and resolved in time to save the cat’s life and avoid arrest. These animals make us ready each one, right?

Despite the scare, everything is fine now. “The cat is out of the bag and safely back home,” an airport spokesman said.

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