Andrew Garfield is hooking up with Bridgerton star

Backstage in Hollywood, Andrew Garfield is engaging in romance with the rising star Phoebe Dyvenorwho became famous on the small screen after starring in the series bridgerton🇧🇷

The star, who was immortalized as the second Spider-Man in theaters, met Phoebe at a party that took place after the awards GQ Man Of The Year last Wednesday (16) and wasted no time.

Montage with Phoebe Dyvenor and Andrew Garfield
Montage with Phoebe Dyvenor and Andrew Garfield (Playback)

According to The Sun, the lovebirds spent the night of the party together and, according to a tabloid source, “Andrew and Phoebe immediately matched, there was an immediate attraction” between the couple.

The source even went so far as to say that the actors “met through various acquaintances in the business and have a lot in common.” The Insider even says that Andrew and Phoebe left with the party and have already “found each other and are acting like a real couple.”

Andrew Garfield as Jeb Pyre in Under the Banner of Heaven

It won’t be a surprise if the couple goes public and announces an official relationship, it would actually be something very Andrew Garfield. In 2008, the star had already stated that he believed in “love at first sight”. At the time, the actor said:

“I believe in love at first sight, but I also believe that you would absolutely love anyone if you knew their story.”

As far as is known, the new case with the star of The spectacular Spider Man and tick, tick… BOOM! It is Phoebe’s first romance since the actress ended her relationship with actor Pete Davidson.

Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor) in Bridgerton (Playback)

Separated since August last year, Davidson is also on the track, enjoying singleness. The actor, also known as Kim Kardashian’s ex, would be engaging in an affair with Emily Ratajkowski.

As for Garfield, in April the actor revealed he was ending his eight-month relationship with 33-year-old model Alyssa Miller. The actor claimed that his “busy schedule” was getting in the way of his affair with Miller.

Andrew Garfield in Spider-Man: Never Go Home (Play / Marvel)

At the time, the star was still living in the wake of the success of Spider-Man: Never Go Homewhich brought him back to Marvel as the hero after nearly 10 years out of the role.

It is worth remembering that in addition to Miller and Phoebe, the American star has had romances with actress Emma Stone and singer Rita Ora.

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