“Businessman confirmed the survey”; Nicola brings ‘quentinha’ and Flamengo can take Palmeiras medallion

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Journalist gave details and also updated the situation after a conversation with the representative, stirring Verdão

Photo: Reproduction/Youtube - Nicola brought one more hot piece of information.
Photo: Reproduction/Youtube – Nicola brought one more hot piece of information.

Even during the dispute of the World Cup, the palm trees has been one of the most talked about subjects, especially for one subject: the staff of Dudu has been talking about renewing the contract for about two months, but the signature has not yet been signed. The extension of the bond has not yet been agreed due to a clause offered by Verdão for the automatic extension of the contract.

Verdão’s idea is that the new contract for the number 7 shirt is until 2025, with the possibility of automatic renewal until the end of 2026, if he participates in at least 50% of the games in the seasons of this period. This issue, however, has been “freezing” the negotiations, as its representatives ask for a smaller amount of games, 15% instead of the proposed 50%.

With this “hinder”, the star was being speculated in other clubs, so much so that Flamengo’s fans became even more enthusiastic after learning that the manager of “Baixola”, André Cury, had confirmed to journalist Jorge Nicola that the cariocas really did a poll, that is, the confirmation came from a person who represents the player. In this way, this confirms the veracity of the interest, something that many doubted.

If that wasn’t enough, Nicola even provided more details in his latest video on the YouTube channel about the Flamengo plan: “(…) Flamengo considers the possibility, in case Dudu does not agree with Palmeiras, to offer a contract to keep Dudu free, for free from January 2024 (…)”🇧🇷 said the communicator, generating great repercussions.

Even if you fail to succeed in this onslaught, Rubro-Negro knows that the Palmeiras board will be “scared” by this situation, even more so with a rival expressing interest and opening the doors to hire one of the greatest idols in history. Currently, in this contract that is still in effect, Dudu receives about R$ 2 million a month, the highest salary in Brazilian football.

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