Celebrities join the wave with several versions in the metaverse

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Didn’t give another one. Celebrities jumped on the avatar bandwagon and created versions of themselves to use on social media or, as is currently fashionable, in the metaverse. There are warriors, romantics, sensual, urban and many others to have fun and create stories.

Deborah Secco's Avatar (Reproduction/Instagram/@dedesecco)

Deborah Secco’s Avatar (Reproduction/Instagram/@dedesecco)

Photo: Them on the red carpet

There are those who put only one of the versions, others put the 10 options offered by the cheapest plan of the application, launched in 2016 and which creates realistic avatars with Artificial Intelligence. App pricing appears to have a dynamic rate. At the moment, the price for subscribing to the entire site is 89.90 per year, with a free week for testing. But to make the avatar, there are options ranging from R$ 34.90 for 50 avatars with 5 style variations; BRL 44.90, with 100 unique avatars with 10 style variations; or R$69.90, with 200 unique avatars and 20 variations of 10 styles. But this Thursday (30), users reported that the tariffs were R$ 10.90 for subscribers or R$ 22.90. And there were variations in values ​​throughout the day, such as the prices charged by Uber according to demand.

Avatars Flávia Alessandra, Juliana Paes and Alinne Moraes (Photos: Reproduction/Instagram)

Avatars Flávia Alessandra, Juliana Paes and Alinne Moraes (Photos: Reproduction/Instagram)

Photo: Them on the red carpet

We separate 10 celebrities and their avatars published on Instagram accounts. Some subtitles are also worth reading. Check out.

Deborah Secco

Deborah Secco said that she prefers her metaverse with her daughter, Maria Flor. “I joined the trend, but my favorite metaverse is still @debydryandmaryflower.”

Juliana Paes

Juliana Paes asked her followers to choose the best version of her. “Avatar??? Check!! Which one did you like the most??”

Flavia Alessandra

Flavia Alessandra also asked a question to the followers: “I loved all the versions and you?” And some followers replied: “You are beautiful anyway, my love”, said a fan club of the actress.

dani pepperoni

Creative and fun as always, Dani Calabresa said: “There’s nothing like an avatar made with artificial intelligence, I just put on a gloss and I got like this”

Luisa Sonza

Luisa Sonza just put the word “Scorpion” and mixed avatars with real photos.

Paula Fernandes

“You didn’t think I would stay out of this #avatar train, did you? I’m loving it! 😂. Tell me here, which one did you like best? ❤️”, he wrote Paula Fernandes🇧🇷

Alinne Moraes

The similarity of the avatars of Alinne Moraes with her, in fact, I will be noticed by internet users: “It is the first one that posts and that REALLY looks like the photos 😍😍 wonderful !!!”, said one of the followers.

Carol Marra

Actress and model Carol Marra was full of praise for the application. 🇧🇷My avatar is being very generous with me lol! @dr.rodrigowobeto and @drccasagrande can you really leave me like this?”, he joked when tagging the professionals with whom he does his aesthetic procedures.

Maria Joana

The actress Maria Joana he already confessed that he wants to live only in the mataverso: “Cabô my genty!!! Now I only live in the world of my avatars!”

Monique Alfradique

Another one that jumped on the trend was Monique Alferadique🇧🇷I joined the Metaverso #trend too. Who’s your favorite Monique?”

Enzo Celulari

Enzo Celulari was another who created avatars and also joked in the caption: “The curious case where the avatar was the same as the original, right?” And he received praise from his father, Edson Celulari: “Beautiful my son”.

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