Cryptos today: Bitcoin loses $ 17,000 on cautious investors eyeing possible crisis in stablecoin USDT

After three days in a row of highs, cryptocurrencies retreated on Thursday (1) and the main assets open this Friday (2) in lows, risking another negative weekly closing.

By 7 am, Bitcoin (BTC) is trading down 0.9% over the past 24 hours at $16,992, and Ethereum (ETH) is down 0.5% over the same period at $1,279. Binance Coin (BNB) and Dogecoin (DOGE) are down 2.6% and 4%, respectively. The worst performer among the top 100 cryptos is Chain (XCN), which posts 7.4% losses.

On the bright side, Ethereum Pow (ETHW), the clone of the second-largest cryptocurrency on the market that emerged after the Merge update in September, is up 20% as traders speculate on the possible end of a sharp correction – just in November, the ETHW token collapsed more than 50%.

The losses in most of the crypto sector today come on the heels of greater investor caution, with an eye on the sector’s own risks and the macroeconomic scenario. Bitcoin had risen this week after the release of weak US jobs and productivity data, raising hopes that the Federal Reserve (Fed), the US central bank, was ready to cut interest rates.

On Wednesday (30), Fed Chairman Jerome Powell suggested in a speech at the Brookings Institute that interest rates should rise by 50 basis points in December, down from 75 basis points in the last four adjustments. But over the next 36 hours, crypto investors were unimpressed by the prospect of increased liquidity, turning to concerns about contagion related to the FTX meltdown.


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“Cryptocurrencies are struggling,” Edward Moya, senior market analyst at market maker Oanda, wrote in an email. “Concerns are growing that Tether loans (issuer of the world’s largest stablecoin) could be the next big risk for the cryptoverse.”

Moya points out that stablecoins are an important part of the crypto world and therefore, if one of the major players crashes, Bitcoin and Ethereum could make new lows.

The crypto market is also watching Wall Street futures, which are trading slightly lower in the early hours of the morning as the market awaits the release of the US payroll data, which has shown signs of bearishness in recent months. Operators look for new signs of weakness in the US labor market, which would signal lower future inflation.

Meanwhile, Pranav Kanade, portfolio manager at mutual fund and ETF company VanEck, told CoinDesk that it is difficult to predict how far cryptocurrency prices could fall. However, he viewed the industry’s recent downturns with some optimism.

“When we look at one of the positive aspects of what just happened, you saw a lot of investors withdraw assets into their own custody,” he said, adding: “My guess is that anyone who stays in the ecosystem probably truly believes in the technology and even in the future of the asset class”.


Check out the performance of the main cryptocurrencies at 7 am:

Cryptocurrency Price Variation in the last 24 hours
Bitcoin (BTC) US$ 16,992.85 -0.90%
Ethereum (ETH) US$ 1,279.94 -0.50%
Binance Coin (BNB) $290.94 -2.60%
XRP (XRP) US$ 0.393111 -2.30%
Dogecoin (DOGE) US$ 0.099851 -4.00%

Cryptocurrencies with the biggest increases in the last 24 hours:

Cryptocurrency Price Variation in the last 24 hours
Ethereum PoW (ETHW) $4.05 +20.20%
Trust Wallet (TWT) $2.44 +18.70%
Terra Classic (LUNC) US$ 0.00018268 +12.10%
Phantom (FTM) US$ 0.246670 +4.80%
Zcash (ZEC) $45.12 +4.40%

Cryptocurrencies with the biggest drops in the last 24 hours:

Cryptocurrency Price Variation in the last 24 hours
Chain (XCN) US$ 0.04013024 -7.40%
BTSE Token (BTSE) $2.86 -4.00%
Dogecoin (DOGE) $0.099891 -3.30%
1Inch ([ativo=1INCH]🇧🇷 US$ 0.504512 -3.30%
Curve DAO (CRV) $0.640476 -2.80%

Check out how cryptocurrency ETFs closed in the last trading session:

ETF Price Variation
Hashdex NCI (HASH11) BRL 15.45 -0.96%
Hashdex BTCN (BITH11) BRL 21.04 +0.66%
Hashdex Ethereum (ETHE11) BRL 19.39 -0.97%
Hashdex DeFi (DEFI11) BRL 16.92 -8.49%
Hashdex Smart Contract Platform FI (WEB311) BRL 12.50 -4.94%
Hasdex Crypto Metaverse (META11) BRL 32.00 -2.58%
QR Bitcoin (QBTC11) BRL 5.19 -5.63%
QR Ether (QETH11) BRL 4.40 -2.22%
QR DeFi (QDFI11) BRL 3.10 +2.99%
Crypto20 EMPCI (CRPT11) BRL 5.01 +2.24%
I invest NFTSCI (NFTS11) BRL 17.51 -0.84%
Invest BLOKCI (BLOK11) BRL 76.88 -1.01%

See the main news of the crypto market this Friday (2):

DeFi Protocol Linked to Binance Over $5 Million Hack

The DeFi Ankr protocol, which allowed running blockchain nodes (transaction verification computers) in a simplified way, suffered a multimillion-dollar hack due to a bug in its code that allowed the unlimited issuance of its token.

According to security research firm PeckShield, the code behind the Ankr contract allows any user to create an unlimited amount of protocol reward tokens without any sort of verification.

The flaw allowed the attacker to issue six quadrillion aBNBc token, which was later converted into Binance Coin (BNB) worth around $5 million.

Santos and Vasco tokens distribute BRL 4.1 million

Buyers of the tokens of the clubs Vasco da Gama and Santos Futebol Clube received BRL 4.1 million in income, announced the brokerage Mercado Bitcoin.

The assets give buyers the right to receive a share of transfers to clubs related to FIFA’s solidarity mechanism, which pays training teams a percentage of the resale of aces formed at the base.

The token baskets are made up of players like Neymar, Gabriel Barbosa, Yuri Alberto and Gustavo Henrique, trained by Santos and
Philippe Coutinho, Allan Loureiro and Marrony, formed at the base of Vasco.

Binance Launches Loyalty Program for Football Fans

Exchange Binance has launched a new loyalty program aimed at football fans, where you can exchange points for rewards of up to $1 million in tokens, NFTs and experiences such as player encounters and training camp visits.


To play, users need to claim their free passports and submit a guess for the outcome of their favorite teams’ upcoming matches. Tasks must be completed by December 18th.

Exchange Bitget Partners With Former Binance Provider

The global broker Bitget, which announced its official entry into Brazil in November, has entered into a partnership to operate transactions in reais with the digital bank Capitual.

For Capitual’s COO, Gustavo Rezende, Brazil is an important player on the international scene and should act actively in the development of blockchain technology.

“There is great interest from exchanges in expanding their operations in our country and we are investing in technology to offer evolution with multiple applications, including the crypto market”, says Rezende.

Until recently, Capitual was Binance’s Brazilian currency transaction processor, but the companies ended the agreement after the giant headed by Changpeng Zhao allegedly refused to individualize user accounts. The broker denies it.

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