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Refereeing trio for the match between Germany and Costa Rica composed entirely of women for the first time in a men’s World Cup (photo: SporTV/Reproduction)

This Thursday (12/1), for the first time in a World Cup, the refereeing trio was composed of three women, among which was assistant referee Neuza Back, a Brazilian physical educator. In all, the federation chose six female referees for the men’s soccer World Cup, but until that match, all games had been refereed by men.

Back, who assisted France’s Stephanie Frappart in the duel between Costa Rica and Germany with Mexico’s Karen Diaz Medina, even participated in the “Encontro” program three months before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, and said that participating in the Cup was “the achievement of a dream”, however, she highlighted that the way to achieve this achievement is more difficult for women.

“In fact, being a woman, theoretically it would be more difficult. On the day I received the summons, everything I had done, the choices and the dedication, crossed my mind. Worth it. very cool, ”she said during the program.

Repercussions on networks

The historic moment reverberated on social media, both positively and negatively. Some of the mistakes made by the referees early in the game resulted in comments criticizing not only the women’s work, but also the fact that the trio was composed entirely of them.

Despite this, the first 100% female participation in refereeing in a World Cup game was surprising to some spectators, in addition to much praise.

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