Google announces the best apps and games for Android in 2022

The end of the year is approaching and the retrospectives and lists of the best of the year are starting to come out. This Thursday (1) the Google released the list of the best apps and games for Android in 2022. The winners were chosen by popular vote and the company’s own choices.

The categories were divided into best app and best game of the year. But there are also more niche categories, such as “best hidden treasure app”, “best good app” and “best multiplayer game”.

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Apex Legends was the best Android game in 2022

The list of best apps and games is different for each country. In Google’s conception, the best game for Android in 2022 was Apex Legends Mobile🇧🇷 And no less. The mobile adaptation of the Electronic Arts game is a worldwide and undisputed success. Even so, in Brazil, he lost the popular vote for the game kingdom makerwhich is a game of strategy and kingdom creation.

In the best app of the year category, Google chose the Giga Gloob🇧🇷 This is an application whose target audience is children. It has children’s games, activities, and videos. But for the Brazilian public, the best app of 2022 was Discovery+, a streaming app. Interestingly, this is the second year that a streaming app has been chosen as the best app of the year by Brazilians.

Giga Gloob was the best Android app in 2022

Best android games in 2022

Best Android apps in 2022

Google’s Choices for the Global Market

For 2022 the company decided to change things up a bit. Last year, for example, Google made a list with the podium of each category. This resulted in a list of 40 apps. But in 2022, the Search Giant only made a list of the winners. We don’t know why the company chose to change its approach.

Anyway, in company’s official websiteGoogle gave some honorable mentions to other apps in each category.

Taking into account only the global result, the best app chosen by Google was Dream by WOMBO. And the best game was Apex Legends Mobile. These were the company’s choices for the Brazilian market as well. However, in the popular vote, the chosen apps were different, as you can see in the list above.

The company also selected the best apps for tablets and Chromebooks. In the case of tablets, the application chosen was Tower of Fantasy. And for Chromebooks the best app was the Roblox game.

In the best good app category, Google’s choice for the global market was the app The STIGMA App🇧🇷 This is a mental health app. Here people can talk about their problems with other people whose problems are similar. It’s like some kind of therapy, but without being with a psychologist.

And to you? What are the best apps you used in 2022?

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