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This column contains spoilers for Grey’s Anatomy.

Recently, the news that the actress Ellen Pompeowho interprets the protagonist Meredith Gray in “Grey’s Anatomy”🇧🇷 would be leaving the series took over the internet. On the air since 2005, the program has been recycling the plot and, consequently, its main characters.

Initially, the program had Izzie (Katherine Heigl), O’malley (TR Knight), Cristina (Sandra Oh), Karev (Justin Chambers) and Meredith (Pompeo) as a group of inmates who joined the seattle grace hospitalbut with this last casualty, the series will continue without any characters from the early years – with the exception of the already veterans Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.) and Miranda Bailey (Chandra Wilson)🇧🇷

Nonetheless, “Grey’s Anatomy” not the first series to go on without your protagonist🇧🇷 Is it possible to continue without the character that bears your name? O Meredith’s “Goodbye” Is it really definitive? Check it out below.

Beyond “Grey’s”

Viewers of the most successful medical series on American TV are already used to the output of characters from the program🇧🇷 From painful deaths to justified exits (or absences without much explanation), the reasons that make an actor or actress leave a series can be varied. When it comes to “Grey’s”, many of these reasons we will never know.

Over so many years of exposure, actors can see themselves doing more of the same and want to venture into other jobs. It was the case of Sandra Oh, interpreter of Cristina Yang, who lived the character for 10 years before understanding that there were no more layers of Yang to be worked on. The same happened with Justin Chambers, Alex Karevand Jesse WilliamsJackson Avery🇧🇷

Others leave because of the production’s choice, which decides to end the trajectory of certain characters believing that there is nothing more to tell about them. In this case, fit the Arizona Robbins, played by Jessica Capshaw, and April Kepner, played by Sarah Drew🇧🇷

Although many of the characters mentioned are loved by the public, it is possible that the plot can reinvent itself to the point of keeping the series attractive, but subtracting the protagonist is a risk that the production runs, if it decides to keep the series on display. Is it possible to exist “Greys Anatomy” without “Grey’s”? Let’s look at some cases.

series without protagonists

In 2009, “The Vampire Diaries” debuted and conquered the youth of the time. The series revolved around the human Elena Gilbert, played by Nina Dobrevand his comings and goings with the vampire brother duo STefan (Paul Weasley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somehalder)🇧🇷

However, in 2015, D.obrev announced his departure after the sixth season🇧🇷 With the loss in the cast, the series had low ratings records until it ended in the eighth season – which featured the protagonist only for the program’s closure.

The actor Andrew Lincolnknown mainly for his character Rick Grimes on “The Walking Dead”, also chose to leave the series in which he acted as the protagonist, leaving in the ninth season. Coincidentally, also after two years without the actorthe most successful program in pop culture ended its activities in the eleventh season, this November.

The difference here is that production will have a miniseries featuring the character, telling everything that happened since the last appearance until the moment when the original came to an end. would be “Grey’s Anatomy” envisioning a possible end? Perhaps.

Ellen Pompeo and her motives

In recent years, whenever Ellen Pompeo was heard by the press and questioned about the end of “Grey’s”, the answers varied between the suspense of the possibility of the end and jokes of “I want to end it, but they won’t let me”🇧🇷 At other times, Pompeo she had already stated that she did not see herself acting in large post-“Grey’s” productions, preferring to work behind the camera as a director, producer and the like.

Within this reality, it is natural that she, like several of her co-stars, has a desire to reinvent herself. After all, it’s been 17 years doing the same thing and it’s worth remembering that the series is already renewed for the twentieth season. But within the industry, decisions are not made individually but on what would be best for the whole. Personally, as I write to you, I do not believe that the actress’ departure is final. Treating this absence as a “goodbye” can be premature. Understand:

What comes next

In the current season, the 19th, Meredith Gray will appear in eight of the season’s 22 episodes.🇧🇷 Of course, being less than half, the character category naturally changes. By appearing less, Meredith goes from regular character (fixed) to recurring (makes appearances)🇧🇷 And that has a reason.

Ellen Pompeo will serve as a producer and will also star in her first miniseries. The project is led by producer calamity janecommissioned by hulu and it still doesn’t have a name. However, streaming has already disclosed what the plot is about:

Inspired by the story of a Midwestern couple who adopt what they think is an eight-year-old with a rare form of dwarfism to raise alongside the three children they already have, but who slowly begin to believe that she may not be who he says he is

If you found the synopsis familiar, it’s because the case happened in real life and was the basis for the movie. “The Orphan” (2009) and “The Orphan 2: The Origin” (2022)🇧🇷 Apparently, the miniseries will be a new adaptation unrelated to the feature films.

Ellen Pompeo will continue as narrator of “Grey’s Anatomy” throughout the current season. As his new project is a miniseries, nothing prevents Meredith Gray returns to the medical series as a fixed character🇧🇷 On Instagram, the actress said:

I am forever grateful for the love and support you all have shown me, Meredith Gray and the show for 19 seasons! After all, none of this would have been possible without the best fans in the world. (…) This is not your first time on the roller coaster. You know the show must go on and I will definitely be back to visit.

Your co-star Kate Walsh, who plays Dr. Addison Montgomerysaid: “I love and adore you, always and forever. It will never be a goodbye, just a see you later.”

The creator of the program, Shonda Rhimesposted on his Instagram:

What a crazy ride these past 19 seasons have been. None of this would have been possible without the incomparable Ellen Pompeo, the one and only Meredith Grey. This is not a goodbye, it’s a see you later! I can’t wait to see what’s in store for Ellen, Meredith and Gray Sloan Memorial.

With that, we can expect the actress to return to the series in the near future. But we must also be prepared that, one day, “Grey’s Anatomy” comes to an end🇧🇷 It remains to wait.

*Fernando Martins is a journalist and a big enthusiast of television productions. Creator of A Series of Things, he writes weekly in this space. Instagram: @umaseriedecoisas.

*Folha de Pernambuco is not responsible for the content of the columns.

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