Group steals jewelry from luxury store and celebrates

Group steals luxury jewelry from a shopping mall in Goiânia (Photo: Reproduction)

Group steals luxury jewelry from a shopping mall in Goiânia (Photo: Reproduction)

After a robbery carried out at a luxury store in the Flamboyant shopping mall, in Goiânia, last Saturday afternoon (26), the group that committed the crime would have celebrated the theft after leaving the place, according to the Goiás Public Ministry.

The MP’s information is contained in a document issued this Monday (28th), after the testimony of one of the two women arrested in flagrante delicto, suspected of participating in the crime.

🇧🇷[Ela disse] That when [eles] arrived were celebrating the success of the robbery a lot, saying ‘bingo’ and that they would be rich”, says the document.

The women’s arrest was converted into preventive by the Justice of Goiás after the request of the Public Prosecutor’s Office and the holding of the custody hearing.

The images of the suspects were released by the police, however, their identity was not revealed.

According to the g1 portal, the robbery took place on Saturday night (26), in Setor Jardim Goiás, an upscale region of Goiânia. A video recorded by security cameras shows the moment of the theft.

On Sunday afternoon (27), five of the seven suspects died in a confrontation with the police, at a farm in Senador Canedo, in the Metropolitan Region of the capital.

The group, according to the Military Police (PM), would have rented the farm to hide before leaving for São Paulo. At the scene, Rotam teams were shot at, according to the corporation, and there was a confrontation.

In a note, the Danglar store said that the team already receives training and is updated. Now, it will reinforce security to ensure the well-being of customers, employees and suppliers.

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