‘I learned to interpret underwater’

The actress was at CCXP22 and took the stage with producer Jon Landau

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The main stage at CCXP22 welcomed producer Jon Landau and Zoë Saldaña to talk about “Avatar: The Path of Water”.

In love with the sequel, Zoë showed all her enthusiasm in this return to Pandora.

Photo: Disclosure

“It is a project full of love, an experience that has to be lived in the cinema, to watch with the family, with everyone”, he said. “The center of our history is the family”, added the producer.

“We had to learn to interpret underwater, it was scary at first, but then a beautiful feeling of security came. What you see on the screen is my heart. I watched it 3 days ago and I had the feeling that it wasn’t me on the screen, I was able to watch myself and have the same feeling that you will have”, said the actress.

Zoë also commented on the differential of James Cameron’s films.

“His characters are human, they have flaws, they want to change for the better. Every James Cameron character has a connection point, you see yourself there.”

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