Is it worth buying an iPhone? Here are some reasons why they don’t

Nothing is more traditional in the world of technology than the rivalry between Android and iOS devices. In this case, both models have their advantages and disadvantages, but in common sense it is always stated that the iPhones are better, but are they really? Here’s why not to buy an iPhone!

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The main reasons that drive consumers away

Many people are quite resistant to iPhone phones, especially after previous experience using them. In view of this, we find many consumers who do not give up an Android device in any way. Below you can see some of the reasons for these preferences:

Fast download

Compared to Android models, iOS devices spend less time charged, which means that many iPhone users need to always be next to an outlet. In addition, these devices have very slow chargers, with an average power of only 5w, which can make the battery issue even more difficult.

less memory

If you’re with the vast majority of people who use their cell phones to store all kinds of information, then it’s best to stay away from the iPhone. After all, these devices have little memory, which can be quite discouraging for those who are in doubt whether to buy it or not.

closed system

One of the biggest difficulties for iPhone users is trying to install applications on their devices. That’s because not all apps are actually compatible with iOS devices. In contrast, devices android tend to have a system that is more open to applications, in addition to ensuring better storage and management of them.

Are expensive

Finally, we have the main reason many users turn away from the iPhone: the price. Compared to an Android device, an iPhone can be very expensive, especially in Brazil. In this case, the company tries to convince you that this is a so-called fair investment and that, therefore, you should do it. But is this really a valid purchase?

Not to mention that the value, although high, is incompatible when compared to the benefits of Android devices. After all, an iPhone usually doesn’t come with a charger, let alone headphones.

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