“It has proposals from Europe”; After Gustavo Scarpa’s departure, Palmeiras must ‘lose’ another player next season

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In an interview given to journalist Jorge Nicola, the athlete’s manager stated that there are proposals from Europe and the United States

Robson Mafra/AGIF - Gustavo Scarpa was one of the highlights of Palmeiras this year
Robson Mafra/AGIF – Gustavo Scarpa was one of the highlights of Palmeiras this year

After the title of the Brazilian Championship this year, Palmeiras has been having some polls and its cast, some important names may leave and leave Abel Ferreira with embezzlements. Leila Pereira has already admitted in some recent statements that she will not make millionaire signings for next season.

Gustavo Scarpa has already left the team, going to Nottingham Forest, in England. Now one more player must leave Verdão. According to the businessman, Marcelo Robalinho, the young left-back, Lucas Esteves has proposals from Europe and the United States and should not remain in the Alviverde squad in 2023.

“The Colorado Rapids have a purchase option clause until December. If they don’t exercise the option, he will return to Palmeiras. I believe that, returning to Palmeiras, the tendency is for a sale to happen. […] He has already received two queries from Europe. In the MLS, Colorado has preference, but if it is not used, it is unlikely that he will play there again. It’s hard for him to stay at Palmeiras.” said Robaldino.

The athlete is on loan to Colorado Rapids until the end of this year, the American team can exercise his purchase until this Thursday (1). Esteves’ bond with Verdão is valid until the end of 2024, in all for the Rapids he played 32 games and scored a goal and an assist.

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