Jennifer Aniston case: what is the best age to freeze eggs?

Expert explains that it is important to plan to get pregnant late

Artist Jennifer Aniston, 53, has spoken for the first time about her attempts to conceive through In Vitro Fertilization (IVF). The Hollywood actress revealed that at the same time, while dealing with all the speculation from others, she was facing difficulties behind the scenes to get pregnant.

Jennifer spoke about the challenging journey. Along the way, she went through several unsuccessful fertilization attempts and expressed disappointment that things did not go as planned. “I would give anything to have someone say to me in the past, ‘Freeze your eggs. Do yourself this favor.’ I just didn’t think about it. So today I’m here. The ship sailed.”, she told her.

Present in Brazil for more than three decades, IVF has been increasingly recurrent in modern society, especially in cases where the woman postpones the decision to become a mother. Data from the Brazilian Society of Assisted Reproduction (SBRA) show that the chances of treatment working before the age of 35 are much greater. After this age group, the results decrease.

Human reproduction specialist Dr Lorrainy Rabelo explains that postponing the gestational desire is possible, but requires planning. “Our ovaries have an expiration date, since we have the same eggs since we were born, so, throughout our lives they wear out and age along with us. Therefore, the indication of egg freezing for a woman who does not want to have children before the age of 35 is the best time to freeze better quality eggs. Even though it is not a guaranteed option, it is the safest attitude for a greater possibility of pregnancy in the future with this woman’s genetic heritage”, advises the doctor.

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