Jorge Jesus’ reaction to seeing that Dorival was fired hinted at

Jorge Jesus pinned Dorival: both won Libertadores at Flamengo
Jorge Jesus pinned Dorival: both won Libertadores at Flamengo

With the world Cup entering the last day of the group stage this Friday (2), the Flamengo the planning for 2023 is already at full steam. The technician should really be Victor Pereirawhich comes to replace dorival juniorwho won the Brazil’s Cup and the America’s Liberators in 2022 in charge of the red-black. Upon learning of the negotiations with the Portuguese ex-CorinthiansDorival was very upset, he even cried and communicated that he would not like to stay after the attitude taken by the board.

Also wanted in the meantime, Jorge Jesus, champion of the same Libertadores of America, but in 2019, he decided to awaken nostalgia in the Rubro-Negra Nation. currently in Fenerbahçe-TURthe Lusitanian published a video on his social networks in which he recalls his victorious passage through Flamengowhere he just didn’t conquer the Brazil’s Cup it’s the FIFA Club World Cup🇧🇷 By the way, it was a Brasileirãoa South American RecopaO From Rio and the Brazilian Super Cupin addition to the title of “Eternal Glory”.

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Flamengo’s vice-president of football, Marcos Brazconsulted the “Mister” before opening negotiations with Victor Pereira🇧🇷 However, the former Red-Black commander said he would fulfill the contract with the Turks until the end: the bond expires on June 30, when the European season ends.

It was marked in history

In his third spell at Mengão, Dorival won his first titles: the Brazil’s Cup and the America’s Libertadores Cup🇧🇷 Thanks to his efforts with the cast, which was in disrepute after the dismissal of Paulo Sousathe tide turned, and the red-black carioca ended the season with a golden key.

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