leaving your digital account inactive now can cost you R$ 50

PayPal announced last month that it will start making some charges to customers who have their accounts inactive for a certain period. Therefore, if the customer has a registration but does not use their account, a charge of BRL 50 will occur the next time a transaction is carried out in the application.

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so that the charge does not occur, the user must make a purchase and use PayPal as a payment method. Another alternative is to withdraw the amount available in the account, preventing the debit from happening. If the consumer chooses to carry out the transfer, he must access the service application and click on “transfer resources”.

In this way, the citizen will need to inform the amount he wants to transfer, review the data about the transfer and confirm the transaction. The customer will thus be moving the account and making it active again, avoiding the charge of the fee and also not losing the amount that was saved.

Inactive PayPal accounts will be charged

PayPal has been one of the most used online payment services by Brazilians, either because of its various functions or because of its ease of making international transfers and receipts.

The notice was posted on the company’s website, informing that the fee will be charged to users who did not enter the application or have not carried out any activity in the last 12 years. Thus, the account is considered inactive after this period without any use.

In addition, if the customer does not use the account for another 60 days, the account will be automatically deleted by fintech.

What is worth noting is that the taxation will only be applied to accounts with an available balance. In the zeroed ones, the charge will not happen. According to fintech, the amount charged will be €10, equivalent to just over R$50.

PayPal reported that customers who want to escape the charge must purchase a product using the payment platform. Among the digital stores that are affiliated with the service are Azul and Netshoes.

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