Leila’s decision, which irritated Dudu at Palmeiras, renewal is delicate today

Dudu and Leila Pereira: striker renewal is increasingly difficult
Dudu and Leila Pereira: striker renewal is increasingly difficult

Biggest fan idol in the current squad of the palm treesthe attacker Dudu walks towards the renewal of his contract with Alviverde, a club he has defended since 2015. Between 2020 and 2021, the number 7 shirt was loaned to Al Duhailfrom Qatar, where he even disputed the Club World Cup 2020, won by Bayern Munchen🇧🇷 He returned to Verdão in the middle of last year to conquer the Copa Libertadores of Americabesides the Paulista championshipO Brazilian championship and the South American Recopa in this year.

The athlete’s staff sent a formal document to president Leila Pereira and the director of football Anderson Barros and waits for a position to adjust the permanence in the Football Academy🇧🇷 He wants to sign a contract by December 2026 and is confident that he will receive a positive response to the request.

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Salary is not an issue. The parties wish to maintain the remuneration established in the current relationship. At age 30, Dudu owns the highest salary at the Football Academy, in addition to the fact that the amount is the highest in Brazilian football. The numbers are not known to the public at this time. The striker, at first, had a disagreement about the length of his contract with the board of directors of Palmeiras. The requirement of “Baixola” is to participate in 15% of the team’s games to have automatic renewal, while Leila wants 50%.

Criticism against Leila

During a live on his channel YouTubethe journalist Felipe Facincani detonated the conditions demanded by Leila Pereira for player renewal. “Pippo” said that the representative is treating the player like “anyone”, and the number 7 is one of the greatest idols in the recent history of Verdão.

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