meet the PSG star who moved in the most beautiful scene of the Cup so far

The PSG winger, who was revealed by Real Madrid, defends the Moroccan national team in the World Cup

Achraf Hakimi starred so far in the most emotional scene of the world Cup from Qatar. Shortly after the victory of the Moroccan national team over Belgium by 2-0, the winger went to the stands of the Al Thumama stadium and gave his mother a kiss and a hug and presented her with the shirt used in the match.

A small return for all the effort she made to support her son by working as a cleaner in the Madrid metropolitan area with her husband, a street vendor. This very close relationship with his parents explains why the player, born in Spain, defend Morocco, who will face Canada, this Thursday, at 12:00 GMT).

The son of poor Moroccan immigrants who went to Europe in search of a better life, Hakimi felt prejudice against his culture and for following the Muslim religion since he was a child.

“They sacrificed themselves for us, they learned a new language to give us the best possible childhood.” Brand🇧🇷

With a natural talent for sports, as he practiced judo and swimming, he entered the youth Real Madrid just eight years old. A fan of Marcelo, Hakimi fulfilled his dream of playing alongside his idol for two seasons in the professional team, starting in 2016.

“It was a dream for me to play alongside him when I signed for Real Madrid. When I was young, I admired Marcelo because he plays in the same position as me. He laughs all the time too when he plays. I want to be like him,” Hakimi told BBC Sport🇧🇷

However, he was unable to establish himself as a starter because Carvajal was the owner of the position. He made 17 appearances in the 2017-18 season, winning the Champions League – playing in two games in the tournament.

🇧🇷I still can’t understand how he didn’t have much opportunity at Real Madrid. he is a crack”, said Abner, a former Real winger, to the🇧🇷

In search of more space, Hakimi was loaned to the Borussia Dortmund for two seasons and was hugely successful. Known for his speed on the field, he set a speed record in the Bundesliga when reaching 36.48 km/h in a game against Union Berlinin 2020.

After two years in Germany, the winger was bought by Inter Milan and helped the team win the Italian Championship after 11 years.

“He is very fast, skilful and attacking, but I think he has improved in the defensive part. He was in Italy and they work there a lot”, said Abner.

Coveted by the biggest clubs in the world, Hakimi was sold in the middle of this year to the powerful PSG, for which it is absolute holder. In Neymar’s team, the winger has three goals and three assists in 21 games.

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