Netflix: more users will see content before its premieres

Next year, Netflix wants to expand its Preview Club that allows a group of selected users to see some content before its premieres.

The information comes from The Wall Street Journal, which advances that the platform wants to increase this group to tens of thousands of users.

Netflix’s Preview Club will grow its user base

Netflix is ​​already preparing its strategy for 2023 and one of the novelties will be to expand its Preview Club. The news is being advanced by The Wall Street Journal which states that the platform wants to increase this group to tens of thousands of users.

Remember that the Preview Club is a group of selected users who can view content (series and movies) before they officially debut on the streaming platform.

And Netflix has already had good results with this group. According to the same North American information organ, the Preview Club will have had a significant impact on the film “Don’t Look Up”, a Netflix production that had Meryl Streep, Leonardo DiCaprio and Jennifer Lawrence in the cast.

Before the official release, the film was previewed by the Preview Club group who considered the film too serious. After this feedback, the production made all the necessary changes for the film to contain more humor and the result was the success of the title.

Currently, Preview Club has 2,000 users that could, starting next year, increase to tens of thousands. The more feedback, the better the title’s chances of success. At least, this seems to be Netflix’s strategic line.

Netflix follows Hollywood’s example to improve content

This is not an original idea from the streaming platform. Several productions in Hollywood already resort to this preview strategy to improve content before it reaches the general public.

Netflix does exactly the same, but with a smaller scale user base, at least so far. This decision also suggests that the streaming platform wants to justify and monetize each expense with the films and series produced by it.

With accurate feedback from your target audience, you can make the necessary changes so your content is almost guaranteed to be a hit. After the loss of subscribers and revenue, Netflix intends to better control and target the budget dedicated to each production to ensure that it will have financially profitable hits.

So far, the streaming platform has not commented on the news. Therefore, we will have to wait to find out if Portuguese Netflix users can be selected to join the new and larger Preview Club.

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