Neymar has not yet made the transition to the field and the selection is cautious

Being available to start the last 16 of the World Cup on Monday will not be easy for Neymar. Although he has shown progress in recovering from the injury to his right ankle, he has not yet started the transition to work in the field – he has remained undergoing treatment at the hotel. On Saturday, he can return to the Training Center for the first time after his injury, but time is too short.

At best, with the current scenario, he would be at most on the bench to come on in case of last need, but the likely scenario is that he has more chances of being used in the quarterfinals, which is scheduled for the end. next week. This, of course, in case of victory.

Last Wednesday (30), he did work in the pool, which already imposes a certain load on the injured area, but without getting close to the impact that is playing football. For him to have a chance to enter the field in the round of 16, more tests on the lawn and work with the ball would be necessary to simulate game conditions. This has not happened so far and the team has only four more training sessions to start the knockout round confirming the first place.

In fact, he still lags behind his teammates who are also in the medical department. Yesterday (1), Danilo and Alex Sandro went with the delegation to the Training Center while Neymar stayed only at the hotel. The right-back has already cycled and worked on the lawn, with a change of direction, but still without touching the ball. This morning (2), on the day of the game against Cameroon, Danilo and Alex Sandro went to the Grand Hamad stadium for another day of activities with physiotherapy and physical preparation.

From the examination carried out by the medical department, it was clear to the commission that Neymar would no longer be able to play in the World Cup with 100% of his physical condition, but the understanding is that he could make sacrifices to continue in the most important competition in the world. If it were a French preliminary phase, for example, the minimum recovery time announced would be at least 15 days.

As the Cup is among the main goals of his career, Neymar agreed to act in sacrifice if necessary, with ankle stabilizers and even infiltrated medicine to reduce pain. He has been undergoing treatment with advanced technology, in at least three daily sessions.

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